The New Minutemen

I am not sure who or how many are going to see this or bother reading this post but I am sickened and disgusted by what I am seeing across America. I am not a wussie, pussy, milk toast commie liberal. I cannot stand BLM or all the other hate groups that have crawled out from the ghettos across the land. He's a racist, he hates blacks, browns, etc.... and yes I have heard it for decades now. Not true at all. I am for equal opportunity, pay, benefits based on one's abilities. Not skin color, ethnicity, religion(OK, Islam should be banned and every mosque closed) and I am VERY pro gun, open carry. You are catching my drift. Sat Cong to every stinking communist. I have been awol for a very long time. Things are rather bleak for me here at Grand Torino West. Still upright and taking funds.

The following is from T.L. Davis at twelveround.com 

The New Minutemen

I took part in a "protest" on July 4th in Westcliffe, CO. They didn't need me. In a town of about 800, I was one of 1000 protesters. This protest replaced the Independence Day parade that was made too difficult to hold due to Covid 19, but everyone knows that Covid is not spread via protest, so it was a protest.

Over the past five years, Westcliffe has held the biggest "open carry" contingent to its 4th of July parade in the state, an aggravating fact to the communists in public office. The protesters fought back and prevailed as did the citizens of Alamosa, a town just over the Sangre de Cristo mountains from Westcliffe. As did citizens in a neighboring county. This is push back and it gives a sense of the power of the people to take back their lives and traditions from those who want to destroy it. But, it does not solve the problem.

There are two waves working their way through America, one is the militant wave, Americans arming themselves, joining local groups, militias or mutual defense organizations. Another wave is building against the woke crowd and the Black Lives Matter organization aligned with Antifa to destabilize America, some say with the assistance of China. Black Lives Matter, being emboldened by their successful actions tearing down statues are revealing themselves as hypocrites and punks, not a Civil Rights advocate, because they never were concerned about George Floyd, he was an excuse, nothing more. Both of these waves are positive, but neither one of them will solve the problem. They will right civil society if given the chance and time, but time is running out.

THE problem is that our elected representatives and senators on every level, our city councils, are infested with the disease of communist principles if not communism itself. They revealed themselves as leaning communist during the pandemic scare and will continue to use these powers on the slightest excuse. Bigger things are planned for the future, even if Antifa and BLM are put back in their small, radical boxes, that does not solve the truly systematic issue of contaminated politics. In Colorado, Lauren Boebert replaced a squishy Republican, Scott Tipton, through the primary process, but as Claire Wolfe noted in Lies of Omission, the average shelf life of a representative in Congress with their ethics in tact is about two weeks.

Solutions, that is what is needed. How do we solve the problems of our several predicaments? First, as a society, we need to recognize the failures of the current government structure.

It is unable to responsibly make and stick to a budget, driving the citizens into debt to numerous other nations, slowly eating away at our solvency and therefore our sovereignty. Any political system that cannot preserve the sovereignty of the nation is a failure. Any political system that destroys the wealth of a nation is a failure.

Through the Permanent Reapportionment Act of 1929, (this was not a Constitutional amendment as it needed to be, but mere legislation) representation has been diminished to the point of non-existence. The Constitution calls for one representative per 30,000 citizens. Due to the Permanent Reapportionment Act of 1929 capping representatives at 435, this representation over time has resulted in one representative per 750,000 citizens. No one is carrying the voice of the particular demographic into the congress, not whites, not blacks, not hispanics, not working class, not middle class, not even upper class, something recognized by the founders as a necessity to proper government, so in effect, there is no representation, just a gathering of power brokers piecing out our nation to the rich and powerful corporations and organizations including the Chinese.

The media is, in effect, the fourth branch of government and is supposed to act as a freelance ethics investigation and oversight board for the people. Any republic requires an accurate or, at least, balanced free flow of information on government activities, or the whole purpose of voting and therefore the authority of the governed is violated. The media now only serves to cover up scandals and ethics violations of one party and demonizing and vilifying the other party. Massive illegality has been totally ignored by those given the greatest voice by the people.

There are few, if any, rights listed in the Bill of Rights that have been secured to the people, a condition upon which the Constitution was ratified, destroying its legitimacy.

What one must agree with at this point is that our government is a failure. It has been unable to stop a list of violations of its charter, the Constitution. We, as the governed, have the right to decide how and by whom we are governed, or we are not free. Our lives are now minutely scrutinized and the power exerted by the several governments designed to protect our freedom, serve only to take bigger and bigger parts of it, demanding more and more of our limited budgets to satisfy their greed. They build monuments to themselves at our expense with the power of the police behind them.

Today, American citizens understand that their governments will offer their lives up as tribute to roving bands of communists out of fear. The whole purpose of a police force is to provide some sense of rule of law, but where that rule of law is excepted to placate powerful mobs, they are a failure. America today is a state run by terrorists either inside or outside of the government and the people are held captive in a prison of their own funding. That statement is particularly stark when one realizes that prison is, at times, their own home.

This cannot stand. We are Americans and that is distinct from being a citizen of the United States. The United States Government is a political construct, one of our building and one of our consent. When, as Thomas Jefferson noted, that such political construct becomes destructive of the ends of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness (I would include property), it can and should be abolished and replaced with a construct that is more likely to protect those values.

The question, then, becomes if we stand, not as U.S. citizens tied to the laws increasingly passed against our lives, liberty and pursuit of happiness, but as Americans determined to defend those values, what construct would we choose?

Now, we have a long way to go to arrive at the necessity of answering that question; we have to stand as Americans to demand that we will not be ruled by communists. We will not be intimidated by roving bands of well-funded mobs pursuing chaos and revolution. We need to do this individually and as groups. A mentality of being a new minuteman must prevail, of engaging threats to lives and property at a minute's notice. There are militias and mutual defense organizations already in place, but they need to proliferate and activate against these threats. This is a reality in Westcliffe and Custer County and why it was featured in this post.

The loyalty of local police departments and sheriff's offices need to be vetted. If their loyalty is to one of the many flawed and corrupted governmental authorities over the lives of the people, they need to be considered hostiles, or otherwise enlisted, asking them to alert the militia or mutual defense organizations when these mobs approach. This has also been implemented in Custer County.

These are some rudimentary things that need to be recognized and implemented immediately in order to preserve our way of life long enough to get to where we can ask some existential questions about the future of America. A future that may or may not include the present construct of states. Once we do put down the rebellion among us and I have no doubt that as Americans we can and will do so, we cannot stop there. We must then ask those existential questions among us and arrive at a new political construct that will benefit life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, securing our property as well.

Remember, there are great and wonderful things about this land, about its people of all races, about its diverse cultures that individually add to the greatness of the whole that cannot, must not, be lost to the desire for control of the individual that communism brings.

As always, and I hate to do it, but the liberal press is not kind to the message of freedom. Please visit this link.
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