Never Again Is Now

Gary Fouse

Never Again Is Now Poster

In December 2018, I was contacted by Evelyn Markus, a Jewish Dutch emigree and daughter of Holocaust survivors. She was about to release her documentary entitled, "Never Again Is Now", about anti-Semitism. The film recounts the story of her family during the German occupation of the Netherlands and brings us up to date with the worldwide problem as it exists today including in the US.

Ms Markus had seen the video of the disruption of a pro-Israel event at UC Irvine by Students for Justice in Palestine in May 2017, which I had videotaped since I was present.  She was asking for my permission to use clips of that disruption in her film, which I readily agreed to.  I just saw the film in its entirety this week, and I urge all my readers to watch it. It features interviews with people like Ben Shapiro, Muslim apostate Ayaan Hirsi Ali, and Muslim reformers Shireen Qudosi and Dr Qanta Ahmed. Unlike many depictions of today's anti-Semitism, the film does not limit the finger of blame to just right wing, white anti-Semites, but also points out the problem of anti-Semitism within Islam including among immigrant communities in Europe and anti-Israel forces on American college campuses.

This film is available on Prime Video.

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