My Exchange of Letters With UC Irvine

Gary Fouse

Below is a response to my letter of today to UC Irvine regarding the "Standing Rock Is Everywhere" event. It comes from Dr. Thomas Parham, UCI's vice chancellor for student affairs, who originated the New Narratives program, which sponsored the event.

Mr. Fouse: 
Thank you for your note and for attending the New Narratives forum. Reviews on 
that program were very positive even as we understand that attendees and even 
panelists may agree or disagree with the assertions being advanced and opinions 
being offered by the various speakers. 
The purpose of the New Narratives series when I developed it was to create a 
forum where issues of race, gender, identity, oppression, social justice, etc. 
could become topics of critical discourse and analysis. That is what we intend 
to deliver in those NN forums. Also, while I do take occasional license to 
suggest a speaker, the speakers are primarily invited by a committee of students 
and staff from across the university. In light of your recommendations, I will 
make sure that those are forwarded to the committee for their consideration. 
Thank you again for your message. 
Dr. Parham 
Thomas A. Parham, Ph.D 
Vice Chancellor Student Affairs 
University of California Irvine 
Irvine, California. 92697 


Here is my response:

Dr. Parham 
Thank you for your response. Since the purpose of New Narratives is to treat 
these issues with critical discourse and analysis, it seems that having 
conservative speakers would be essential in order to provide the students with 
balance enabling them to come up with their own conclusions. How can there be 
critical discourse and analysis when only one side of an issue is presented? 
I would be grateful if you could advise me as to the committee's decision on 
inviting Dr Sowell or Mr. Elder to speak at UCI. 
Thank you again for your response. 
Gary Fouse 

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Reg T said...

Of course, Dr. Parham did his doctoral dissertation on developing safe spaces for snowflakes and coal dust, while raising money for a mosque on campus, so he might not be comfortable inviting Dr. Sowell or Mr. Elder, let alone a token white or two. He wouldn't want to be responsible for the violence that would attend exposing the students to "truth and the American Way". Or have to scare up a few ringers to get the crowd shouting down the speakers, the way they did with Robert Spencer, at the last college at which he tried to speak.

I'll be surprised if he even responds any further. I do respect your attempt, nonetheless.

Reg T said...

I meant to add - I attended UC San Diego back in the mid-'70s when they were hosting Herbert Marcuse, Marxist extraordinaire as a "visiting professor" in residence. I took one class in philosophy from one of Marcuse's admirers (he might have even been the one responsible for inviting Marcuse to UCSD), saw how the wind was blowing, so I blew smoke up the SOB's backside, took my 3.6 (I was trying to get into med school), and never took another philosophy course while I was there. It was criminal, to allow that sleaze to infect the minds of young college students.