Another Senseless Murder of a Police Officer

Gary Fouse

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                                                Keith Boyer

Yesterday, Whittier Police (outside Los Angeles) lost one of their police officers in a shooting that also wounded another officer. ABC News has the details.


The shooter is Michael Christoper Mejia (26), gang member, ex-con, and just recently released from prison.

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He could have been there longer except a judge refused to double his last sentence for car theft based on his previous conviction for armed robbery as he could have. Instead of giving Mejia 4 years, the judge gave him two. Part of the "reasoning" as I understand it is that Mejia's first conviction was violent, but the second (car theft) was not.

Mejia is not an illegal alien; he is a US citizen.

Armed robbery, car theft and multiple probation violations. Yet, due to California law AB 109 and the state's preoccupation for relieving jail overcrowding as mandated by the courts, people like Mejia are not kept behind bars. Instead, they are are turned back onto our streets.

Now we have Officer Boyer and another person dead and Officer Patrick Hazel in the hospital.

I just don't get it. I just don't get California's insane policies. I just don't get the liberal mindset that produces tragedies like this.

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Pissed off said...

Moonbeam Brown and other worthless demoncrats are more interested in giving illegals in state tuition, state paid legal advice if snagged by ICE and turn a bling eye to their stealing of public monies aka welfare. Money for flood control.........nope it all went to illegals. Money for prison construction? Nope.
You see illegals vote in this state...not all but many. The President Pro Tem of the state senate wants illegals to get a state earned income credit aka welfare.
Criminals are merely temporarily misdirected democrats. Long sentences.......forget it. Death penalty forget it. Criminals need to be redirected and forgiven so they can vote in future state elections.
Democrats refuse attempts to build flood control,dams or prisons as money must go to the illegal invaders.
Dont forget in California the state honors about 50 different types of gender. Cross one of those and the dems go wild.Bi sexual, tri sexual, goat sexual they are all here. Plus the embarrassment of all time Nancy Pelosi. Dont even ask about the judges that Moonbeam appoints. They are the criminals best friend and along with the ACLU on a course leading to lawlessness. Remember rioters must be free to damage, burn and destroy. Punch one and the LA Slimes and every demoncrat will be on tv with tears in their eye demanding your arrest. Moonbeam and his ilk should just admit we are now Northern Mexico and make it official. Go to the Motor Vehicles dept and try and find a brochure in English.....good luck. Behind enemy lines in Commiefornia and looking forward to its total collapse