Is the FBI in Turmoil?

Gary Fouse

Hat tip True Pundit and Anonymous

The text of below narrative posted by True Pundit also came to me second hand in text form without any links. The writer is anonymous. I normally am very careful when it comes to anonymous sources, but the person  who received it and passed it to me is a trustworthy source whom I knew from my law enforcement career. The reader should give it whatever credibility he or she deems proper.

The report is an insider's account of how James Comey allegedly submarined the FBI investigation into Hillary Clinton. It alleges that he prevented agents from pursuing normal investigative methods that would have uncovered the truth. It also alleges that Hillary Clinton and her aides were afforded preferential treatment. It also alleges that Comey prevented agents from obtaining Clinton's medical records, which might have refuted her claims of not being able to recall important details due a reported concussion. Finally, it questions the decision of Comey to close the case days after the
Clinton interview rather than giving investigators time to check her statements and possibly refute them.


If this report is true, James Comey is not fit to serve as FBI director. We already know how Hillary Clinton has corrupted the State Department. Along with people like President Obama and Eric Holder, it seems she has also corrupted the Justice Department. It doesn't take much imagination to see Clinton, if elected, nominating Cheryl Mills to be attorney general and Huma Abedin to be secretary of state.

Is it not now time for FBI agents to come forth and go public about this corruption of their proud agency? If they don't, if they stand silent in the face of this, shame on all of them.

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