Mizzou: The Chickens Come Home to Roost

Gary Fouse

Hat tip Eagle Rising
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"What happened to the tigers?"

This is an example of what happens when weak college administrators allow student agitators and unruly professors to run amok on campus. The University of Missouri is now forced to cut budget because of dropping student enrollment.


What did they expect after the Black Lives Matter crowd destroyed the school's reputation? What did they expect when administrators dropped to their knees? The university chancellor actually resigned. What did they expect when a journalism professor, no less, showed that not only was she an out of control agitator, but also had no clue about the First Amendment?

Mizzou hasn't seen this drastic reduction in enrollment because certain students decided they were not safe from white racists on campus and lacking of sufficient "safe spaces". Nor was it because current students were outraged at the firing of Melissa Click. They were predominantly new enrollees that the school lost.

So what happened? Students decided that they needed to go somewhere else where they could study in peace without aggressive, obnoxious students getting in their faces and asking if they believed that black lives mattered (and you'd better say yes). Parents decided they didn't need to be paying tuition to a university that had become a national joke and a poster child for all that has gone horribly wrong in academia.

Like my friend, Onan Coca, who wrote the above article, I find it hard to feel sympathy for Mizzou. I can hope, however, that Mizzou will become a teaching moment for university administrators everywhere; if you don't want to see the same thing happen to your school, you'd better get it under control.

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