DOJ Grants Immunity to Key Hillary Email Figure

Gary Fouse

                                                               "What does this mean?"

Things just got a lot more ominous for Hillary Clinton in regards to her email investigation. The Department of Justice has granted immunity to Bryan Pagliano, the State Dept. employee who set up Clinton's email server. Pagliano had previously invoked the 5th Amendment at his Congressional appearance.


Here is why this is a big development beyond what Pagliano can tell investigators. The FBI does not grant immunity to witnesses. The Department of Justice prosecutors do. Of course, everyone is speculating that even if the FBI recommends criminal charges against Mrs Clinton, that the politically charged Justice Department in the person of Attorney General Loretta Lynch will decline to prosecute for obvious political reasons.  On the other hand, federal prosecutors don't grant immunity to witnesses unless they are serious about prosecuting someone. If Mrs Clinton is counting on political protection from being indicted, the decision of DOJ to grant immunity to this key witness should make her feel a lot less easy.

I consider this a major development.

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