Obama Tours Drug Rehab Center-Touts Prisoner Release

Gary Fouse

This week, President Obama toured a drug rehab center in Newark and at the same time promoted his release of 6,000 drug dealers from federal prisons.


Amazing. It is precisely because of the drug dealers that we have drug treatment centers. Yet this president talks as if he is releasing 6,000 drug users from those federal prisons.

As  retired DEA agent, I can assure you that nobody is sitting in federal prison for using drugs. There may be some who pled down to a possession charge when they were originally charged with dealing, or some may have violated parole by using drugs, but to claim that these people's only offense was using drugs is a lie. DEA does not now nor has it ever enforced simple possession laws.

Obama is releasing 6,000 drug traffickers and dealers. He is sending the wrong message to these people who work in -or are patients- in these rehab centers.

And if he thinks drug trafficking is a non-violent offense, he is smoking his socks.

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