What ISIS Did in Palmyra

Gary Fouse

Hat tip Revoltes en Europe

Viewer warning: Graphic images

A week or so ago, ISIS captured the Syrian town of Palmyra, a site noted for its antiquities and Roman columns. Of course all that pre-dated the birth of Islam, so according to ISIS, it must be eradicated. Most observers expect the columns to come down soon while other treasures have already been smashed.

Now ISIS has used the Roman structures as a backdrop for their latest massacre, the execution of 25 captured Syrian soldiers. The video produced by ISIS with great pride comes from the French blog, Revoltes en Europe. (Warning: They are graphic.)

The title in French reads, "Muslims of the Islamic State kill 25 Syrian soldiers. Those who are sensitive should refrain (from watching). The video has been hidden from view on orders by the media."


I have said it before, and I will repeat: This is something that has no place in the West.  It should be isolated in the Middle East, where it is perfectly at home.

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