Chattanooga: Just the Latest and More to Come

Gary Fouse

Chattanooga, Tennessee now is the latest dot on the US terror map. We have four dead Marines killed far from the field of combat by a 24-year-old Kuwaiti-born Tennessee resident named Mohammad Youssuf Abdulazeez. These are the latest sacrifices on the altar of the religion of peace.


Not all the facts are in, but I have some preliminary thoughts.

Isn't Kuwait the nation we liberated from a horrific occupation by Saddam Hussein's Iraqi army?

I do not regard it as an accident that Tennessee has now seen a terrorist attack. Bill Warner, a Tennessee resident and expert on Islam has long warned that Tennessee is an active battleground state with much Islamist activity including the controversial construction of the Murfreesboro mosque. The thinking is that if Islam can conquer a Bible Belt state like Tennessee, the other 49 will be easy.

I also note the name of William Killian, the US Attorney from Knoxville, who is front and center making public pronouncements on this case. The is the same man who two years ago was making implied threats to local citizens in Manchester, Tennessee that they could be prosecuted for their opposition to Islam.


I wonder how Mr Killian feels now. Maybe he should go back and review the concerns those people at the public meeting he held expressed.

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