Is thirteen a lucky number?

Of late, it seems I have been unable to catch even a slight break, orthopedically speaking.

Leaving personal matters out of the mix here, I am literally unable to write much or for very long.

On December 18th of last year I had right shoulder surgery #10 and it was a bit of a gamble as most surgeries are and to say that my right shoulder is ABNORMAL after 10 surgeries, is an understatement worthy of the current Obama regime. The only reason my right shoulder still functions at all is due to three excellent orthopedic surgeons since 1983 who were able to repair and restore the joint integrity after the first two 'surgeons' severely, permanently damaged the joint due to their incompetence. Recovery is slow, I am old(er) and this last surgery was strictly to buy me time and to please the god's at Workman's Compensation before a total joint replacement is approved, down the road. Hopefully, years down the road or I am called home. I am very grateful for the WC coverage, lifetime medical on both shoulders and my claim was settled after a long, nasty fight, under the old rules before 1992, when said rules and regulations were 'overhauled' to the detriment of injured workers. I settled for $18,000 and lifetime medical over a one time, lump sum settlement of $88,000 and five years of medical coverage. I Had the best attorney who greeted you with a cigar and a glass of Port if you were so inclined. It did not matter if it was a 7:30 AM appointment or later in the day. We got along extremely well and thankfully he started stocking whiskey after I lodged a snarky complaint with his drop dead, beautiful office manager. I knew he would not listen to me and I was correct.

If it was just this, I would not be grumbling BUT of course, there is more. A week after shoulder surgery I developed Carpal Tunnel Syndrome in the left hand and wrist. Of joy of joys, now both arms are fubared enough that I am unable to type or write much. Chalk it up to working too many years in the woods, doing hard factory, machine shop work, pulling on the green chain in old growth mills, fighting fires, even years of being an optician, mix in hard contact sports, too many fights and brawls when I was young, foolish and never thought my body would tear down. Add the above to the three spinal fusions and well, here I am at number thirteen. Treatment is ongoing and the carpal tunnel is severe and surgery is looming. Just an annoyance and something to add to my list. I got my orthopedic surgeon's attention when I told him I had dropped two glasses and a coffee mug out of my left hand. The coffee mug hit my left foot and broke two toes, go figure. I go barefoot as much as I can as I hate shoes, always have and this drove me Mum crazy when I was a little kid. Thankfully, the coffee mug did not break as it is my favorite. I may be getting a program that does voice to text here in the near future if Voc Rehab helps with the program. After years of getting injured, whacked on to the tune of now thirteen orthopedic/spinal procedures and being officially disabled (no, not mentally disabled as some of you are obviously thinking) since 2000, I now qualify for Voc Rehab services. No tears please, I have literally earned this one and just do what I and so many others seem to do best; keep making the best lemonade ever with the lemons that seem to grow on my trees. I planted apple, peach, pear trees and they all seem to grow lemons. I have a magical touch with roses and maybe it is the thorns?

Anyway, just a quick update of sorts and I am typing and writing bits and pieces for future use. I will do an occasional post when symptoms settle down enough or I am just so pissed off about it all I just will not give a damn about how it makes me feel pain wise, later on. But this is the attitude that has gotten me into trouble when I reflect back on much of my past. Damn it to hell, I hate it when that happens. Pain is awesome teacher if we listen. I just listened too late, meh.

Remember this, no matter how tough or hard things are for you, somewhere in the world, your country, your neighbourhood, your block, there are people who would GLADLY trade places with you and think your life, my life be paradise. Just one of the reasons why I have always tried to pay it forward even when I do not have any extra to really spare. Attitude is key in this life.

I am always, your most obedient and humble servant. PatriotUSA

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bill k said...

Sorry to hear all that but good to hear it just the same. The last paragraph said it all-- and I hope many more got the message.
BTW-- there IS a 'speak & type' program out there and it can be used creatively-- not exactly like a teleprompter, which we all know J. Fred Muggs is an expert at using-(wink-wink-)Be well.. BK

PatriotUSA said...

Thank you Bill.

Much appreciated and seriously looking into other programs that do what I mentioned. I type horribly to begin with and this is just another speed bump, challenge to overcome.

Nick said...

Carpal tunnel, ah yes, how familiar that all sounds. I've managed to avoid surgery, but I am told that the surgical option is effective - one of my colleagues has had it done in one wrist and it worked very well. So hopefully if you end up going down that road it will work out - it's hardly major surgery either, compared to some of your other escapades, so it shouldn't be too much of an ordeal for you, with your previous massive experience of all things surgical, although I believe I'm right in saying that it might take a few weeks to settle down.

PatriotUSA said...

No, such surgery would be a minor one and just sorta an irritation which is what not being able to write or type much is right now. I had CT years ago in right hand and it went away with conservative treatment. This is much worse and so far resting wrist/hand, splint is not helping. May take many, many weeks.

Nick said...

The only thing I can suggest in the meantime is that if you get the urge to indulge in a spot of self abuse, get a hooker in to give you a vigorous handshake. Rather than further inflame your own wrist, like.

PatriotUSA said...
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PatriotUSA said...

Thanks for your concern and no self abuse there or likely to be.

Heh, like I could afford a hooker in the first place???