Equal time: A Forrmer Policeman Responds

Stolen from WRSA and this is an excellent read.

I agree with what this LEO is saying and for his courage in speaking out against what is very wrong in the the United States, within many law enforcement agencies and beyond. He is still active in law enforcement and I wish him well.

I was one of those drunks stopped and a couple times I was given a ride home by the cops. Times have drastically changed. We have allowed this to happen over time. I do not blame him for bailing out of Southern Falikornia for Colorado.

I could question why he is still in law enforcement but I refuse to do so. I will keep those thoughts to myself. When the SHTF, I hope there are many more, the vast majority of LEO's who think like this guy does and hopefully refuses to attack those who will be standing up against tyranny. I know where I will be standing or operating from.

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Equal Time: A Former Policeman Responds



From a reader:


I was in the Army’s 82nd Airborne from 1974-1978. I joined the NRA while I was in the Army and eventually became a “Life” member. When I got out of the military I applied to several law enforcement agencies in Southern California before I got hired. The oath to preserve and defend the Constitution against ALL enemies was exactly the same one that I took in the military. My Peace Officer career started in 1979 and ran until 2006 when we moved out of Kalifornia to rural Colorado.

When I started at the PD if you stopped a drunk driver, you could call a cab and send the drunk home to sleep it off. You did not have to arrest. Along comes “Mothers Against Drunk Drivers” (MADD) who agitate and get the legislature to lower the legal limits and change the law taking away any discretion about arresting or not. The same thing happened with Disturbance of the Peace calls. It used to be you had discretion over having to take someone to jail. Eventually the legislatures changed the laws – discretion gone, if you get called, someone has to go to jail. The people we elect are taking away all of law enforcement’s discretion.

In Kalifornia it is illegal for most people to carry a loaded gun in the car. I cannot even count how many doctors, nurses, lawyers etc etc that had loaded guns in the car that I sent on their way with just a warning to be careful. The only people I ever enforced that law on were gang members or other criminals.

Early in the 90’s we had the Rodney King riots where a lot of people got hurt and property destroyed. A few years later we have a very big bank robbery. Google the “North Hollywood Bank Shootout” (Feb 28th, 1997) and watch the videos. Two heavily armed guys with automatic weapons robbed a bank and were spraying bullets everywhere. Wounded cops, wounded civilians, the cops bullets from handguns had no effect on the crooks’ body armor. The LAPD has to hit B&B Guns to get some rifles to shoot back. That robbery changed the mindset of a lot of cops. We started issuing AR’s to every patrol unit. Until that time, my agency did not even have a SWAT team.

At that time I was a police sergeant and I started seeing a lot of changes in attitudes & tactics. The city where I worked, started up Code Enforcement and COPPs units. People started to get arrested or cited for every little infraction. For example, you had to have a license to sell ice cream from a cart on city sidewalks. If you didn’t have the license your cart was confiscated and all your ice cream was thrown in the trash. To me, it was a criminal protection racket. I tried continually to explain to people the difference between the “Spirit of the Law” versus the “Letter of the Law”. To tell my officers to treat people the way you would want your parents, wife, sister, brother etc. treated if they were stopped…Some got it, most didn’t.

I now work for a rural Sheriff’s Office as a civilian admin guy. Much more low key than Southern Kalifornia. This year the S.O. got an MRAP, ugh. Now we are getting a new Sheriff who is much more a “Letter of the Law” kinda guy than his predecessor. Elected by a majority of the voters. I am very concerned. But if I quit I will have even less of a voice to influence things the right way.

I share your concerns about the militarization of our Peace Officers. It is wrong. Obola said he wanted a civilian police force every bit as strong as our military and he is almost there. Though, obviously it started long before Obola. We let it happen, both law enforcement and the public. We elected progressives who want to protect us from ourselves. We elected the idiots that passed the NDAA, that authorized the military to give its equipment to local law enforcement agencies. We elect the state reps and governors that strip discretion from the peace officers. We elect the County Commissioners & City Council peeps that pass these ordinances requiring permits and fees for everything under the sun. We (all of us) did not give enough of a shit to stop this back when it started. We all traded essential liberty for questionable security, by either doing nothing or by going along to get along.

Most of the people I talk to today are totally clueless about what is going on in this country at all levels. I would also say that most police officers/deputies want to do the right thing. They live here. Their children go to school with your kids, their spouses work with you. The cops today represent the society they come from…A majority of people in this country want their police well armed and ruthless in arresting “criminals” not realizing that John Law will be coming for them one day for violating some ordinance or another. They think that the police officer they gave this power to, will leave them in peace, until they don’t. We are way too far down this rabbit hole.

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Mountainwalker said...

All cops,local state and federal have long since degenerated into gestapo thugs.

PatriotUSA said...

It is true that most have. I will not use the all word as I know a few who are not thugs and will NOT turn against those who will stand up to the gov't. Most have, not all. When SHTF, it will be us or them and the time to decide where one stands will be fleeting and then be gone.