New Year 2015

Wishing everyone a 'happy' new year, most blessed and prosperous 2015.

As I have been extremely scarce, I thought it best to bring everyone up to date and I am most pleased to say good riddance to 2014, as it was a very rough year for me.

First of all I want to thank  Gary, Nick, Bill,  for carrying the water here and being so faithful to this site with their posts.

I am recovering from shoulder surgery #10 which was done on December 18th. There no more surgeries after this one except a total joint replacement which is a last resort. I will be going through Vocational Rehabilitation assessments and once those are completed, Voc Rehab will be assisting me with job placement. I am also finishing up a divorce after 25 years of marriage to a woman whom I will no longer be able to refer to as a 'lady'. Her actions buried any hope of her ever being a lady again, at least in my eyes. I will be selling the property I am in currently residing in and may or may not opt to stay in Oregon. Just depends and I am considering a move out of the USA(long shot but who knows) as one of my possibilities. There has been a steep price paid and it is more in trust than anything else. As the shoulder heals, posts by me should pick up. Life goes on with us or without us.

I ain't dead yet.

I leave you with this and read into this what you may. It is a classic:

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Nick said...

They probably won't let you into Oz - unless you wear a burka when you're going through the airport!

PatriotUSA said...

Too funny and just might be worth it. Not funny what is going on in Oz as elsewhere with Islam.