Hillary Clinton's Latest Verbal Gaffe

Gary Fouse

"Smart Power"

"And I empathize with you!"

This is another sterling example why Hillary Clinton is unfit to be our commander in chief. In her latest speaking gig (I wonder how much she got paid for this one.) she said that we must show empathy and respect for our enemies' point of view.


Can you imagine FDR or Harry Truman speaking like this about Nazi Germany or Imperial Japan during WW II?

Naturally, she is referring primarily to Islamist extremists because, after all, we mustn't offend Muslims. Who knows? Maybe she is also referring to Vladimir Putin and Russia. At any rate, this is another harbinger of further American weakness if she ever gets into the White House.

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Nick said...

Maybe Theo van Gogh should have empathised with Mohammed B while he was shooting & stabbing him?

That woman does not live in the real world.

Nick said...

Whenever I think of the Hilary ... this song starts playing in my head ....