John Kerry Shows His Idiocy Once Again

Gary Fouse

Hat tip CNS News

"The response to Islamist extremism, which “exploits a legitimate and beautiful religion,” must include offering alternatives to young people who lack opportunities and “feel oppressed,” Secretary of State John Kerry said Tuesday."

John Heinz Kerry has once more illustrated that not only is he ignorant of the Middle East, he is also ignorant about Islam.


“We’re also going to win it with better alternatives for a whole bunch of young people who today live in places where they feel oppressed, where they don’t have a lot of opportunity, there’s not enough education, they don’t have jobs,” he said. “But they know what the rest of the world has because they all have smart phones, they all have mobile devices, and they’re all seeing what’s going on and they trade thoughts.”

Old Horse Face forgets about the thousands of ISIS fighters who traveled from Europe, Australia, Canada and the US to join the Islamic jihad. They had education at their fingertips and smart phones in their hands. Kerry is still peddling the line that extremism is born of poverty. He forgets that Usama bin Laden was the heir to a multi-million dollar construction firm in Saudi Arabia. His successor, Aymam al Zawahiri, is an educated man, and the leader of ISIS, Abu Bakr al Baghdadi, has a PhD in Islamic studies. Rich man, poor man. They have both joined the Islamic jihad, John-John.

And then there was this gem:

“And so we have to push back. We’re not going to win this exclusively through our efforts on the ground in this coalition with kinetic efforts,” he said, referring to the U.S.-led coalition’s military operations against the jihadist group. “We’re going to win this with ideas.”

(Amazing resemblance)

Ideas!??! What ideas? It's not like this administration is brimming over with ideas. And what "kinetic efforts" on the ground is he referring to? He must be referring to the heroic Kurds going it alone in Kobani aided by German and Dutch biker gangs, be jeezus! We ourselves are not doing anything on the ground.

How's this for an idea, John-John? Let's offer refuge to the last remaining Christians in the Middle East, get the hell out of there, become energy self sufficient, start supporting Israel again, and let those Arabs kill each other to their hearts' content?

"That's too simplistic."

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