The War for America: The Battle Has Come Home

I have very recently, during this extended time of quiet reflection and generally having a major attack of permanent permagrump, came across a very fine site. The patriot who runs this site, Restoring the American Republic speaks for me and I think, many, many others in a way that I cannot even begin to match, nor will I try. This individuals mission is pretty simple and clear: "My mission is to inform and work for the restoration of the American Republic". Thomas Mick has done this for quite some time and done it very very well. There will be more to come as I return to being the viper lying in wait here, waiting to get stepped upon. What kind of viper? Let me be called a Gaboon or Russell's  Viper.

I asked for and received his permission to re-post and share anything from his site as long as proper credits and a link back to his site are included. Why I would never steal any other way here on the Corner. If one is going to be 'borrowing or stealing posts' from other sites, one must do this above board with total class and character.

Excellent site and post. PatriotUSA


The War for America: The Battle Has Come Home

The night before writing this I had a dream that disturbed me greatly. A bus full of illegals was confronted and destroyed by Militia on a freeway by rocket and machine gun fire; the bodies and wreckage was set ablaze to destroy the pestilence it was carrying. What disturbed me wasn’t the destruction; people die in war… even the innocent. What disturbed me is that is what must be done to stop the spread of pestilence and gang infiltration into our cities and towns in order to protect our children in their schools, our people in the grocery stores, taverns, buses, trains, airliners, and even our churches; many of which have opened their doors to these people in order to receive over $6k per person per month from the traitors in our Federal Government. When they are allowed to cross our borders in violation of our laws infected with deadly diseases, forced into crowded facilities that enable the contagions to further spread in their numbers, and then bused and flown to cities and towns across the republic, those people are weapons being used against us, weapons that are more dangerous to America than suicide bombers; since no one has compassion for a person strapped with explosives determined to kill everyone around them.

We’re being forced to live in fear of those around us, especially those of Hispanic or West African descent. The MS-13 members are pretty easy to spot in our cities and towns since their tattoos are a uniform of sorts; those that understand the symbolism will even know what rank they hold, how many they’ve killed, and other details about their members. But the women, children, and elderly are another matter entirely… Americans of Latin descent and blacks should be particularly distressed at what our enemies are doing since it is difficult to distinguish American from non-American, similar to what we faced after the attack on Pearl Harbor by the Japanese, enabling Roosevelt to get away with incarcerating thousands of Japanese Americans in internment camps; our present circumstance is more grave since every one of the invaders is a potential weapon of mass destruction, who could be carrying any number of a host of infectious contagions that will kill thousands of our people. Our enemies within have dealt a deadly blow on our republic and our politicians have yet to realize the full implications of it… posturing about amnesty and concerned more about the logistics and costs of housing and processing these invaders, as if they’re refugees from some war on our border.

This is a deliberate attack on the American Republic, likely inspired by Hezbollah and the Muslim Brotherhood which has infiltrated DHS, the White House, and has operations in Mexico; working with the cartels and smuggling operatives over our border. If we don’t start fighting these people and destroying the weapons arrayed against us we will die by the millions. Our military will be tasked with the disposal of our bodies along with those of the invaders who carried the pathogens; disarming us will simply be a matter of collecting the weapons from our homes while they carry our corpses out for disposal. Weapons are useless against a virus spread by the compassion of government; seems they found something more effective at disarming us than legislation.

I’m just one man… a man that would be portrayed as a lunatic by the media if I were to start firing upon the enemies of the republic. I cannot fight alone, others have tried in the past and were literally incinerated by the government and their deaths were either demonized by the media or ignored. Besides, I’m 10 years beyond the time when my body and health allowed me to be an effective soldier; this battle is up to the younger generation, with the leadership of those of us with the knowledge and wisdom to lead them in this uncertain and dangerous time. If we’re to have any chance at survival as a people and a free republic we must fight and fight mercilessly against both the enemy and the weapons he employs to destroy us. There will be a place for compassion and grief for the lost after the victory has been achieved but until that victory we must be resolute in the prosecution of the war brought to the very doorsteps of our homes; if we falter, the least we have to look forward to is a life of utter slavery and despotism.

Are there enough Americans left that understand what is happening and are willing to do what is necessary to stop it? We must start fighting this war or face total destruction from our inaction. Those of you waiting for the first shot can only be using that as an excuse for inaction since those shots were fired years ago at Ruby Ridge, Idaho and Waco, Texas in ’92 and ’93. It is my opinion that our reaction to the conflagration at Waco encouraged our enemies to get them to this point. The Federal and state agencies have kept pushing and pushing the barrier of our tolerance to the point that we’ll tolerate anything they do to us with barely a whimper… just as long as they continued employing and entertaining us.

Stand up as Americans and begin doing what is necessary to defend the republic and your family. The Mexican border is full of corruption by law enforcement and politicians; stop obeying them and fight anyone that tells you to stop sealing that border since it is a matter of life and death for your family to do so. Those telling you to go home because you’re not needed are protecting their payoffs and aiding smugglers and coyotes trafficking in human beings, including terrorists from the Middle East; such people are your enemy. America is no longer sheltered from battlefields abroad, the enemy is within and the battlefield is America.

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