The origins of political correctness-William S. Lind

While the USA is well on it's way to be coming FUSA due to decades of progressive regressive liberalism, cloaked under the foulness of political correctness, excessive diversity and and the worst of them all, excessive overload from multiculturalism. I have called these THE THREE TOXIC STEWS OF THE WEST. All the events that have unfolded, what this once fine Republic was and what the USA is rapidly sliding downhill into and towards, can be tied into these three toxic stews. I dare anyone reading this to dispute this, prove me and the following two videos wrong.

What is unfolding in Ferguson, Missouri is the result of decades of political correctness and entitlement syndrome. Add to this, the moronic liberal white guilt that ties into Kipling's White Man's Burden, the total ENSLAVEMENT of Blacks by the policies, trappings of the Democratic party and now so many RINO Republicans or snicker, 'conservatives', you get REVERSE PLANTATION SYNDROME. The blacks have been set free yet liberals are all to happy to keep them enslaved, along with the NAACP and CBC. This does not apply to just blacks but all minorities can now ride the PC train and ride first class, right back to the plantation that they so badly wanted to escape from.

Do not misunderstand what I believe or my morals. I am all for helping anyone who needs it but only if these individuals will work extremely hard to free themselves, their families and future generations from continued enslavement guaranteed by political correctness. Any such assistance should be going to LEGAL American citizens first, period end of story, You come here illegally and all you should get is a one way bus ticket back to Mexico or whatever third world hell hole you came from. Just being black or some other minority does give you or anyone else the right to burn a community down. Your skin color entitles you to nothing, just like mine.

Please spare me your liberal drivel and ad hominem attacks. I remember a taxi ride through Watts when the riots were going on in April, 1965. My mother and I were forced to take a taxi from Ontario airport to LA international to catch a flight to Texas ASAP to be with my ailing grandfather who had suffered his first of several, near fatal heart attacks. We HAD TO lie on the floor of the cab as the driver rushed us through Watts as he HAD TO detour through Watts as too many accidents had left the freeways totally jammed. The cab was shot at and when we got to LAX, there were six bullet holes in the passenger side rear quarter panel. Four of those missed the rear door by two inches. We later found out the cab driver had pulled four bullets out of the rear seat backrest. It was NOT right then and it is not right now but this is what political correctness has spawned and given birth to. What has made it murderously worse is that now America has suffered the misfortune of having the burned out hippies and losers from the 1960's end up as educators, brainwashing decades of our most valuable strength and future, our children, into thinking that America, all white people, our military, veterans and anything that is 'conservative' is evil, wrong and should be wiped out. We, as a nation are bearing a most lethal, poisonous fruit. Now a vast majority of young people see America, our history, as evil and think America should become AmeriKKKA. NO nation is perfect but where else would you want to have been born?

Back to back terms of Barack Obama have hastened what the United States must suffer through before the Republic can once again be rebuilt, restored, to become the best and most exceptional country the world has ever known. I may not live to see this and I doubt I will. Trust me that I will do all I can while I am here to restore freedom and liberty for not just my children, but for yours and the generations that follow.

"Not a man lives on the continent but fully believes that a separation must some time or other finally take place, and a generous parent should have said, ‘If there must be trouble, let it be in my day, that my child may have peace’; and this single reflection, well applied, is sufficient to awaken every man to duty" -Thomas Paine

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The Origins of Political Correctness

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lee said...

I was writing elsewhere that the cultural relativity bull***t had made it impossible for us to truly FIGHT the evil that is ISIS, the Taliban, Al-Qaeda, etc. By brainwashing kids to beleive that no cultural is better than another, we've abrogated our moral and ethical authority. We've also shackled the best way to fight this war philosophically. We should've been bringing missionaries to proselytize the prisoners in Guantanemo. We should've been broadcasting the Good News all over the streets of Kabul, Baghdad, and Faluja. Heck, it didn't have to be Christianity--Buddhism, Zoroastrianism, Judaism, Baha'i... They would have all been done. Even Ethical Culture. We should've REALLY, REALLY been working on their hearts and should. But political correctness and cultural relativity said that was Verboten.

It's not unreasonable to think these savages concluded that since we are so little invested in our religious culture and history, we're ripe for their picking, in one way or another.

And now look at what's happening...