Nonie Darwish Speaks in Silicon Valley

Gary Fouse

Nonie Darwish, an Egyptian-born apostate from Islam, writer, speaker and activist, is one of those people I am proud to know, albeit not well. In this video, she speaks before the Conservative Forum of Silicon Valley (I didn't know they had conservatives in Silicon Valley.) on June 3. The video below is via C-Span and was sent to me by Darwish.

In this video, Darwish speaks on the topic, "Islam and the West". She discusses a wide range of issues such as women's rights under Islam, sharia law, Islamic conquests of various nations in history, Muslim attitudes toward non-Muslims, and apostasy. (She is unable to return to her native Egypt due to a fatwa calling for her killing. In fact, as she points out in her presentation, the only country in the Middle East she can visit is Israel!)

 This video lasts over an hour but is well worth the time.


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