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Slowly getting gathering my marbles, or what I have left from the original set, back onto the pitcher's mound and I am starting to throw some heat. In other words, I am on my way back, whatever this may be worth. My absence has been extremely irritating but it also has been extremely necessary.

This is one fine rant, short, sweet and to the point that liberalism is a toxic disease. Nothing needs to be added by me. PatriotUSA

From Cry and Howl.


Saturday night rant by Steve

 Okay, this is it for me tonight folks.

Liberals have given us same-sex marriage. They’ve given us a military of limp-wrist homos, and placed our women on the front lines of combat to cover their gay asses. They’ve given us $17 Trillion in debt and a bisexual Negro president who hates his own race.  Liberals continually point out the nefarious acts of G.W. Bush and wonder why he wasn’t “investigated” for his alleged crimes. They had control of both the House and Senate since 2006. Maybe they should ask their Democrat Congressmen and women why they didn’t arrest Bush for his crimes. Maybe dumbass liberals should ask the Democrat majority in the House and Senate at the time why they didn’t put together a select committee to investigate Bush.

Wars and chaos, attacks on Christians and our kids in schools, shoving perversion down their throats. They’ve tried to make God like unto them. Sick, perverted, selfish, extremely hate filled trash who condemn everything good and decent in America. Benghazi, Fast and Furious, NSA spying, IRS targeting of conservative groups, massive vote fraud, war on women and children, racial divide not seen since the 1960′s, on and on with pushing upon us every ungodly, demented perversion known to mankind. Sports franchises afraid to not pick a homo to their team, even when the gay player is substandard.

My prayer to God tonight is for God to swiftly fulfill his promise that “The fear of the wicked will come upon him.”

Lord God, the wicked think you are like unto them. Show them they are deceived and are an abomination in your sight. Save those who would repent and sin no more. Consume in your firey indignation those arrogant reprobates who would slay the unborn whom you knew before conception. Consume those who pervert your word to mislead others into damnation. Demonstrate your intolerance for, sin yet love for the sinner who repents and sins no more.  The filth of their thoughts are not yours, yet through arrogance and pride they consider themselves equal to you. They aren’t even equal to the powers of darkness they follow to their own damnation.  And that damnation is just.

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OMMAG said...

I've been telling people for 30 years that every problem we face in our society is the RESULT of liberal policies.

PatriotUSA said...

Yeah, so have I and it has to keep being yelled. All there is to this.

Anonymous said...

Good luck with that! All the yelling has accomplished so far for the past few years is more Liberalism in high places. Republicans and Conservatives are going to have to do something better than simply making noise. I sometimes feel like Liberalism is fed and grows by yelling and screaming from the right.