Jews Who Hate Israel

Gary Fouse

Hat tip Algemeiner

Edward Alexander has an interesting article in Algemeiner on the phenomena of Jews, largely and unsurprisingly to be found in academia, who have an unnatural hatred for the Jewish state of Israel, so much so that they join forces with those who are trying to destroy the country and replace it with something called "Palestine".


Being a Gentile, I try to avoid the term, "self-hating Jew", leaving that for Jewish people to sort out among themselves. Yet I find it fascinating how so many on the Jewish left are lending aid and comfort to those who would kill every last Jew on the planet if they could. I have encountered many of these characters on college campuses when they come to speak. Norman Finkelstein comes immediately to mind, a defrocked professor traveling the globe looking for a paycheck and meaning to his life.

I also remember a bizarre guy named Jeff Halper, an American who immigrated to Israel where he found work as an anthropology professor. He now travels the lecture circuit, funded (like the others) by God only knows whom, lambasting his adopted land. At UC Irvine a couple of years back, I watched and listened as this character told his student audience about "spectral dust', something that the Israelis supposedly invented. Programmed with a target's DNA and spread into an area (like Gaza or the West Bank, presumably), it can seek out, find, and kill said suspect. This is what a UCI professor named Chuck O'Connell dragged into UCI to lecture to his sociology class. I literally walked out of the room laughing.

What else can you say about characters like Judith Butler and Richard Falk, the latter of whom until recently bore the presumptuous title of Special Rapporteur for Human Rights in the Palestinian Territories, where, apparently he didn't pay much attention to what Palestinians are doing to other Palestinians. These days the self-fashioned 82-year-old bard is also on the university lecture circuit poisoning students' minds about Israel accusing it of human rights violations. Never mind that Israel is the only democracy in a region filled by corrupt, violent regimes where human rights don't even pretend to exist.

How does some psychologist figure out this kind of mentality? It is far beyond my capability.

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Nick said...

I simply don't understand such people. The only explanation I have ever heard that makes any sense at all is that they are not Israelis at all, they are descendants of the Edomites, with the same old "ancient hatred" still bubbling away in their poisonous little brains. Which is quite an assertion to make, but it does at least begin to explain the existence of such people.