An update from PatriotUSA: Yep, I am still around

I have received a fair number of emails and inquires asking if I have been taken severely ill or had suffered from some type of accident and where the heck have I been?  The quick, snarky answer is how the hell should I KNOW where I have been and the jury is still deadlocked whether I have lost what little sense I did have. I am sort of all right,  no more or no less.

Just going to say that life is very complicated for me right now and I have been spending A LOT of my time, in fact most of my 'spare time' working on building my shop on Etsy since late January. The link to my shop is here and I am no longer really doing anything on Ebay. Etsy is just better than Ebay for sellers and buyers. I will have a sidebar link soon as well. I will not close my Ebay account just in case. You will notice a lot of vintage eyeglass frames for sale which is something I just started selling. Have had them for years and I am always looking to BUY certain styles of vintage frames. Hint, hint!

In addition to the above, I am not quite 'desperately' seeking work but am trying really hard to find work that I can do being an orthopedic wrecking yard for lack of better words. Things are very tough financially, hence the creation of my Etsy store. There are other reasons why I have not  been posting much. Some of you know what is going on and some do not, and that is all I am going to say. I am also looking at another right shoulder surgery which will be #9 or #10 (too many to remember) or there will nothing that can be done save for a total joint replacement. I had an MRI last week and will see my Shoulder doctor on the 12th. This on top of three spinal fusions has taken a toll on me, period. If nothing can be done for my shoulder then I will put off replacing the joint for as long as I can. No, I am NOT whining or sniveling nor is this groveling for donations. This is but a simple post to let you all know what is going on and why I have been so absent. I only have so much energy, time and priorities like trying to stay afloat financially and family must come first. Family before anything else comes first.

I think this song, this version, by Molly Hatchet, originally done by the Allman Brothers puts this post into 'proper' perspective.

My goal is to return to posting as best I can under the circumstances I am living with, under and through.

 I wilI always be and steadfastly remain your most obedient and humble servant.

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Nick said...

One of the first songs I ever heard by Molly Hatchet, Danny Joe Brown was the man, end of story.

I can't believe you're up for another shoulder surgery - the only guy I know who has had more surgeries than you is Simon Weston, man!

Nick said...


Danny Joe Brown's son Jake with his band.

PatriotUSA said...

Will see what the MRI shows, Nick. They had to slide me out of the MRI twice to gork me with more Versed. May not be anything that can be done at this point with scope surgery and will have to figure out a time to replace the entire joint.

Meh, could always be a lot worse.