When is a Law Enforcement Officer no longer a Law Enforcement Officer?

When he or she loses self-respect.

Not r-s-p-e-c-t as Hussein Obama’s botched spelling last week ironically showcased that he can’t even get the word out of his mouth without half gagging for lack of any understanding it. And not the illusional respect that others attempt to subjugate us with in giving or taking it away. That is not real.

What is real is that that we individually, and alone, when no one else is looking, will take with us to those golden gates for entry. It is that knowing in one’s soul that he/she is doing good, that what they represent is valuable and important to themselves and others. That their word, as in the oath taken to their duties, means something. In this case, that promise of – I’ve got your back fellow citizens..

When we lose self-respect we rationalize and justify our actions and words but we still know, and the dying that results is very slow and very painful. I know this to be true.

A cautionary note here. There is a post going around the internet with the title - Some Connecticut police refusing to enforce AW law – which has many hopeful that LEO’s will be there for them as the gun control issue continues to heat up.

According to an update by the author – this should be treated as a “possible” hoax until further verification.

[UPDATE: several commentors have noted they cannot find any Connecticut Peace Officers Association online... nor can I. I've emailed the person who emailed me on this, asking for info. His indication had been that the article (which he attached) would be online in a few days at http://ezinearticles.com/. Until he responds, or does not respond, I'd treat this as a possible hoax.

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Findalis said...

I've heard parents teach their children to never trust the police. And they are right. They are mostly thugs, and will fire upon US civilians when they are given the orders to do so.

Grog said...

Examiner also has a good analysis of the letter.


PatriotUSA said...

Thanks Grog. Read it and yes it is good one.

OMMAG said...

Point taken.

However, you might consider Law ... Enforcement ... since inforcement simply does not exist.

Andrea said...

OMMAG - Facepalm!
And, thank you!