What Huwaida Araff Didn't Tell the SDSU Audience

Gary Fouse

Hat tip Elder of Ziyon

On March 10, International Solidarity Movement co-founder Huwaida Araff spoke to an audience at San Diego State University. A description of her talk can be accessed here along with a video taken by myself.


As I previously described, Araff described the First and Second Intifadas launched against Israel as basically unarmed rock throwers facing off against armed soldiers with tanks and fighter planes. She only made passing reference to the suicide bombings that took place.

What she didn't talk about was this:


She didn't talk about this:


That attack was attributed to Islamic Jihad.

She didn't talk about this: (Graphic)

Or this:

Sbarros Pizza attack 2001 - 15 dead 130 injured

Or this (Graphic)

The body of a man, foreground, victim of a bomb blast, and an investigator are seen amidst the debris in the dining room of a hotel in the coastal city of Netanya, north-western Israel Wednesday March 27, 2002. A suicide bomber blew himself up Wednesday in a hotel dining room in this Israeli resort as guests gathered for a passover Seder, the ritual meal ushering in the Jewish holiday. (AP Photo/Uriel Sinai) ***ISRAEL OUT*** MAGAZINES OUT Photo: URIEL SINAI

Above is what remained of the Park Hotel in Netanya during Passover 2002


As Jews were gathered in the Park Hotel in Netanya to celebrate Passover, Abd al-Baset Odeh walked into the hotel dressed as a woman, found a crowded area and blew himself up. Thirty people were killed and 140 injured. It was the work of Hamas, whom Araff  refers to as a "political faction". Here is how the scene was described by one of the Zaka units sent in to gather up the body parts.

"The sprinklers had burst, so there was water all over he floor, mixed with blood. In the central area, where the bomb went off, it was nearly up to our knees because there was a wall surrounding the dance floor. When we first went in, we saw fingers, hands, eyeballs, and smaller bits of flesh floating in the water like fish."
Preachers of Hate-Islam and the War on America, by Kenneth R Timmerman, Crown Forum 2003

Nor did Araff dwell on what has caused those conflicts between Israel and Gaza-namely the rocket attacks into southern Israel schoolyards launched by that well-known political faction Hamas. Just in the past couple of days, Hamas has sent more rockets into Israel. Oh, excuse me. Islamic Jihad has taken credit.

I could go on and on with more pictures of blown up buses and mangled corpses, but you get the idea. Ms Araff gave her audience of college students a one-sided account of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict that all but ignored the horrific acts of terror carried out by Palestinians against innocent Israeli men, women and children acting on the orders of "political factions" like Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad. It  is all part of the dishonesty of the International Solidarity Movement, the same dishonesty that leads them to lure impressionable young Westerners to the region, indoctrinate them, train them, and put them in harm's way.

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