Why Do Progressives and Democrats Hate America?

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This is an outstanding commentary by Mike from Fellowship Of The Minds. Nothing that I can add to this will make it any more worthy and would probably take away or dilute what this post states. PatriotUSA


Why Do Progressives and Democrats Hate America?


Why Do Progressives and Democrats Hate America?

It’s a loaded question, I know. But please, bear with me for just a moment and put aside all the rhetoric you’ve heard about political correctness. I ask only that you approach the question from a position of pure logic.

Progressives and Democrats want to change America. That’s no secret. They boast about it openly, and base their political campaigns entirely on the premise of change. I’m sure we agree so far.

Now consider this: Why does anyone want to change anything unless they’re unhappy with it? If you’re happy with your job, would you change? If you loved your dog, would you trade him in for a new model? How about your spouse? Does anyone ever leave their spouse who isn’t tremendously unhappy and no longer in love?

I’m sure we can also agree that change stems from disappointment and unhappiness.
Now back to America. Your children won’t hear it from their teachers or read about it their school books, and you certainly won’t see it in your newspaper or anywhere on television, but the United States of America has done more good for more people than all the other countries of the world put together.

America began as a haven for those seeking religious freedom and fought a war to preserve that freedom.

America fought a war to end slavery and won. (Democrats supported slavery. Republicans opposed it. After the war, the defeated Democrats formed the Ku Klux Klan. Funny how white Americans today are still blamed for the slavery of a hundred and fifty years ago, yet never thanked for sacrificing their lives in order to end slavery.)

America won two World Wars, and put an end to Hitler’s socialist Nazi party.
America stemmed the tide of communism and provided safety for thousands of Vietnamese refugees who would have been murdered by the communists of North Vietnam.

For centuries, America has given freedom and hope to the oppressed; hope and joy to the suffering; and liberty and opportunity to people of all races and nationalities. The proof of her greatness can be found every day in the millions of immigrants who flock to her shores seeking the freedom that America offers.

Yet Progressives and Democrats want to change America. Doesn’t that make you just a slight bit suspicious?

Indeed, Progressives and Democrats want not just to change America, but to fundamentally transform it. And they seek to do so under an ideology that has killed more people in the last one hundred years than have died in all the wars in the history of the world combined: Socialism.

Socialism under Hitler murdered millions and set the entire world at war.

Socialism under Stalin murdered upwards of forty million people.

Socialism under Mao murdered over sixty million people.

Socialism under Castro continues to murder people today.

Everywhere socialism goes, it kills.

Yet Socialism is what Progressives and Democrats want for America. Doesn’t THAT make you a tad bit suspicious?

Just what could cause so many people to despise a country so great as America? Let’s examine the question a little more closely.

Have you ever seen a man get rejected by a beautiful woman? At first, he criticizes her, looking for whatever flaws he can find, then he despises her, and eventually he hates her. Why? Because he can’t have her. His hatred is actually a form of self-hatred. He feels unworthy of the woman who rejected him and projects his hate onto her and others. His future attempts at seduction become a means of revenge, a perverted attempt to escape his own self-loathing.

The same thing happens when a woman is rejected by a man. There’s a reason why William Congrave wrote the famous words “nor hell a fury like a woman scorned.” The scorned woman condemns and sets out to destroy the man she cannot have. Like the rejected man, she suffers from extreme self-hatred. It’s self-hatred that fuels feminism and its constant attacks on heterosexual men. If we can’t have them, we’ll destroy them.

Progressives and Democrats are no different in their hatred of America.

America was born a religious, God-loving country and it remains so today. Progressives and Democrats, on the other hand, have rejected God and embraced lives of sin. They support and encourage abortion, racism, intolerance, promiscuity, homosexuality, government theft, and a host of other ills, and then project the guilt and self-hatred they feel for embracing these sins onto a hatred of America and its religious heritage. Because Progressives and Democrats falsely believe that God has rejected them, they reject God.

America has offered opportunity and economic freedom to anyone who is willing to risk and work hard. Progressives and Democrats have risked once or twice in their lives, failed, and are now terrified at the prospect of competing with other risk-takers. Their fear leads to a sense of entitlement that extends to food stamps, housing allowances, “free” health care, and personal and corporate welfare. The stronger their self-hatred, the stronger they feel they are above hard work. They hate America, because it reminds them of their own failures to provide for themselves and their families.

America stands for strength, independence, honor, and compassion. Progressives and Democrats are so frightened by life and have developed such a dependence on government for survival, that they have lost all of these qualities. And they hate themselves for it.

No self-respecting man can call himself a man if he’s beholden to government entitlements for his survival. Progressive and Democrat men know this and they hate themselves for it.

No self-respecting woman can call herself a woman if she rejects the honor and compassion of motherhood by embracing abortion and feminism. Progressive and Democrat women know this and they hate themselves for it.

Together, Progressive and Democrat men and women hate America, because it reminds them of all the positive qualities of strength, self-reliance, and kindness they lack the courage to develop in themselves. Like rebellious children who must depend on their parents for survival, but hate their parents because of it, Progressives and Democrats live in a state of suspended adolescence, forever running from the responsibility of motherhood, fatherhood, and limited government.

They hate America, because they hate themselves.

Which brings us to socialism.

Progressives and Democrats embrace socialism, because it represents everything they long for: the complete eradication of the individual. With all of society reduced to lowly pawns, they no longer have to fear being reminded of their own inadequacies. Everyone can be as miserable as they are. Everyone can feel the self-hatred they feel.

With no one to remind them of their sins, Progressives and Democrats believe their guilt and intense self-hatred will finally be removed. What they fail to realize is that the solution to all their ills lies within them. By embracing America, they can embrace God. And by embracing God, they can eliminate their guilt, their self-hatred, and all the factors that contribute to their misery. It’s a solution so simple and so easy that their own leaders are forced to spend billions of dollars, and destroy millions of lives in order to hide it from them.

If you support Progressivism or the Democratic Party, then you also support socialism. And if you support socialism, then, by definition, you also support the socialism of Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Castro, and many others. Is that something you can live with? Are you ready and willing to forgive yourself and return to the One who calls you?

He’s waiting. He’s been waiting. The first step is simply to say, “Please, God, forgive me…”

Source is here from FOTM.

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"Oh my God, an argument!" said...

Um. I don't really know where to begin, but I should preface this by saying I am a democrat, atheist, and in high school. I say the latter because it may be possible my opinions are based out of naive, adolescent inexperience, but generally I feel pretty solid on my views. Let me also start by saying that I do not hate my government, or my country, and also that I do not hate myself. So right off the bat, I feel you have some misconceptions in this article. Anyway, I'd like to provide a quote from the Treaty of Tripoli: "The government of the United States of America is not in any sense founded on the Christian Religion". This quote can be found among a slew of others from our founding fathers on the fact that this country was not founded on the Christian religion. Granted, Christianity played a large role in its development to reach the stage at which we split from Britain. Despite this though, we have no formal documents stating that we are a strictly Christian or religious country at our base. You also say that mothers and fathers supporting the democratic party run from the responsibility of motherhood and fatherhood. I see this as massively incoherent and offensive. My parents are two of the greatest, most respectable people I know. How can you just assume that they are America hating, God hating, self hating people? This article just seems to be based from a viewpoint that democrats exist to end the entire country, when in most cases we want to better it. Maybe not in your eyes, but in the eyes of what is correct in the history books of the future.

PatriotUSA said...

Perhaps in the past of classical liberalism before it was hijacked by the progressive regressive movement that has wrecked what classical liberalism really was.

See Henry 'Scoop' Jackson for a decent example of a classical liberal, unlike the filth that are democrats today. Pelosi, Reid, Biden, etc.

I quit the liberal side of things in 1979 and have not regretted that decision at all.

For every decent set of parents that exist on the either side, there are too many more who are NOT good parents. I see the wreckage of the nuclear family caused by extreme feminism, liberal progressive politics, perverted acceptance of the queer agenda and I could keep going. War on women, see ISLAM and sharia law. See Planned Parenthood. You were offended by some of the post? I seriously could care less. Political correctness, excessive diversity, rampant multiculturalism, illegal aliem invaders and a POS POTUS who hates America and wants to turn it into AmeriKKKA offend me. So what? I do not expect anyone to care that I am offended by far leftarded people and politics. Just because I posted the article you assume that I agree with it all. Maybe I do, maybe I do not. The democrtas of today want to make the country better how? Amnesty, wrecking our military, stabbing our allies in the back, murdering millions of babies, pushing the queer agenda in kindergarten, creating how many genders when there are only TWO. You seem to assume much from one post. I have a problem with both democrats and republicans of today. I see little difference when you peel away the garbage of both sides. The history books of the future will mean nothing if they are written on the whitewashing of history by today's educators and historians. I was blessed to have been gotten my college education in the 1970's before education became a cesspool of far left hatred for all the good and decent things the USA has done for the 'global community'. We are far from perfect and have done some very bad things in our history but to do what this administration has done is a lot more disgraceful than anything Bush ever did, or Reagan or even Nixon. Nixon had the decency to resign. Clinton did not. Obama is a vile and disgusting POTUS and my opinion has nothing to do with skin color. Yet politicians are afraid to impeach him because he is the first black(Mulatto actually)POTUS.

You are an atheist, a democrat. Why am I not surprised.

One thing I will NOT do is make fun of you nor will I trash you for being young and perhaps naive. I commend you for your willingness to comment and share here. I used to be a very liberal person but that changed in 1979, as mentioned. The older I get, the more conservative I have become especially after having kids. Understand this, I have ZERO shame for being an American, being white, believing in God or considering myself a Christian. I do not push my views on anyone else. What you see in person is what you get, period. Socialism and Communism do not work and history has proven this time and again. Our system is not perfect but I will take it over either of the two systems of slavery just mentioned.

Thanks for commenting and if you are so offended write an article for us here. I am the site owner and all of us who contribute here ALWAYS welcome opposing or different views and opinions. I promise you that you will be treated with respect and courtesy here. Nobody gets away with being rude, foul mouthed here.

What say you???

Anonymous said...

Great post!!! And Yes, they do hate this country.

PatriotUSA said...

Comment under anonymous allowed as this person at least included initials "CJ".

Nick said...

@ Oh my God, an argument,

I would second the website owner's proposal, and ask that you write a 'guest article' for the website. You will be treated with respect, although some of your political views may not. Whether you take up that challenge or not, might I suggest that you apply your own reasoning to your own position and consider this: just because your parents are fine people, it does not follow that all so-called "Democrats" or "Liberals" are cut from the same cloth.

If you want a decent grounding in classical liberalism, I can recommend John Stuart Mill's book, On Liberty.

Freedom of speech? Obama and his gang clearly do not believe in it - if you think that they do, then perhaps you can remind us when Obama explained clearly to the world where he was and what he was doing when those Americans were murdered in Benghazi?

Since you mentioned North Africa ... btw are you familiar with the Islamic regimes that occupied those lands for many years, & what they did?

If not, I recommend you read White Gold by Giles Milton.

Nick said...

And might I draw to your attention the lessons of history - I live in Europe and I know the owner of the site has a real interest in European history - we have seen the socialist agenda used to excuse the most appalling crimes time and again, so naturally when we see the same type of amoral, power-hungry beasts doing the same thing, we get a bit jumpy.

Because as Solzhenitsyn says right at the beginning of The Gulag Archipelago, the horrors of the 20th century may be behind us, but that can all happen again.

Nick said...

This article just seems to be based from a viewpoint that democrats exist to end the entire country, when in most cases we want to better it. Maybe not in your eyes, but in the eyes of what is correct in the history books of the future.

Do you even realise how sinister this sounds?

Google Isaiah Berlin final solution.