"It" isn't about government...

Bottom line it hasn't been from the beginning. "It" being government running every facet of our lives and destroying our country. 

It "is" about we, the people. We slept. Once awakened some tried and are still trying to correct the mess, to bring awareness. But the operative word here is "some." As a people we have failed to do what is required to remain a healthy, vibrant, free nation. Meantime, with each new assault, the deer in the headlights thrashes around desperately to find a way out. 

Ann Barnhardt, not one to mince words, believes it is too late. That a good portion of the 317 million people in America are still sitting on their butts waiting on John Wayne.

RED ALERT: Obamacare allows FEDGOV to back-bill and levy your estate to pay for "healthcare expenses".

Even I didn't see this one coming. In excess of 90% of Obamacare "enrollees" are being shunted onto Medicaid. Beyond the simple explanation of the Cloward-Piven strategy to overload the FEDGOV, now we see the full, satanic picture: Obamacare specifically enables the FEDGOV to back-bill and levy your estate after you croak to "pay" for "healthcare services rendered".

Make no mistake, this is a de facto seizure of the probate estates of the vast majority of Americans. Period.

I eagerly await with bated breath the response of the "enraged and engaged" American populace, who are "mad as hell and not going to take it anymore".

Ah, who am I kidding. We all know that you're not going to do a damn thing except shake your head and ask, "When is someone going to do something about this?" Flip the channel. Maybe they're showing re-runs of the ballroom dancing contest somewhere.

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PatriotUSA said...

Some states have done this for years, including Oregon. Now it is a national disaster.

Well done communists, well done.

Anonymous said...

But wait! American Idol starts again next month. Why should I worry about Obamacare with American Idol starting soon. And the Super bowl, and Survivor will soon start it's 100th (or something) season. Then there is DWTS and So you think you can act a fool on TV (or something). Besides all the news channels are reporting good things and Obama is enjoyng golf in the sun in Hawaii (where he was born I'm sure). What was it again you wanted me to pay attention to? Oh look! Our food stamps are here, gotta go and eat the rush to sell them for $.50 on the dollar so I can buy some pot and kick back. I know, I know, the Obamacare mess is serious but dude! It's not like their gonna take away all the free stuff!

Andrea said...

Dear Anonymous - Reference "It's not like their gonna take away all the free stuff!"

No, of course not luv. Not until "he" gets back from Hawaii. That means you have a couple of weeks. He will NOT do anything that would disrupt his muchly needed and deserved vacation.