Yes, I am a DRIP.

I freely admit it. For quite some time this has been true. In fact, I took up being a DRIP years ago. It's official. So, let's make one thing perfectly clear:

DRIP = Don't Re-elect Incumbent Politicians

Just don't.

It's that simple. Deny them any so-called "mandate". Kill their political credibility. Keep them off of the rubber chicken circuit. Destroy their future careers as lobbyists and "consultants".

No matter how well-intentioned they are. Regardless of their voting track record. One term and they're out.

The political good-old-boy network in America is killing us. A flock of total greenhorns couldn't possibly do the same amount of harm that this bunch of connected crony capitalists is doing to the USA. The "Gang of Eight" has clearly shown all who care to see that the electorate's most basic interests mean absolutely nothing to these vote-whoring bastards.

Here's a simple thought experiment. What would have been less damaging? ("Better" doesn't even enter into it.)

Four years of Romney or eight years of 0bama?

Remember, come election day, be a DRIP. Don't Re-elect Incumbent Politicians.

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