Cognitive dissonance, thy name is Liberalism


Pat Condell's most recent video, "The curse of progressive feminism", rightly accuses feminists of turning a blind eye to Islam's institutionalized misogyny and hatred of women in general. The deafening silence of these Feminazis—if not outright approval—regarding such throwback practices as purdah and the barbarism of Female Genital Mutilation (WARNING: Not safe for work or young viewers, discretion advised), represents an indictment of Liberal politics at its very core.

A similarly thundering hush can be heard emanating from the homosexual and transgender community over Islam's homicidal attitude about all non-heterosexual or sexually reassigned individuals. How then, to explain the above screen capture from the home page for über-Liberal sewer pipe, Daily Kos?

It squeals with unrestrained glee about the "California Freedom Tour" for San Francisco's Gay Men's Chorus (WARNING: Gay cootie epidemic at link!), even as it shamelessly touts pro-terrorist, shari'a law mouthpiece Aljazeera. This isn't about randomly assigned Google ads for a Muslim singles dating website that crops up every so often at various counterjihad blogs. By comparison, those are perfectly understandable byproducts of mindlessly programmed word search algorithms.

Quite clearly the Daily Kos has Aljazeera, not only as a sidebar link, but as its main banner advertisement. Were it not so brazenly outré, the notion of a Liberal website peddling pro-Islamic propaganda would be utterly hilarious. Instead, it is symptomatic of the massive cognitive dissonance that pervades almost every corner of modern day Liberalism. It challenges the very limits of coherent reasoning that a pro-gay media outlet sees absolutely no conflict of interest in steering their readers over to a group that would like nothing more than to see every last sexual deviant on earth thrown from the nearest precipice.

Like the feminists, far too many homosexuals have such a venemous hatred for the nuclear family, Christianity and almost every other trapping of Western civilization—except for the multi-billion dollar genetic research and anti-viral pharmaceutical industry that keeps a large number of AIDS infected gays alive—to where they voluntarily blind themselves about who the real enemy is.

Much as with how White men have now been deemed public enemy #1 of the very civilization they gave their all to construct, so have feminists and gays decided that anything—even climbing into bed with violently Theocratic terrorists—is better than aligning themselves even slightly with traditional White causes like the preservation of Liberty, freedom of Speech and private property. Just so long as their freedom, liberty, speech and private property rights are maintained feminists and gays could give a rip about what happens to the entire superstructure of the very culture that made it possible for them to flourish to begin with.

In this there is a hidden message. While traditionalist Conservatives should in no way embrace Islam's fundamentalist and hidebound Puritanism, it might be best to begin demonstrating a distinct degree of intolerance for this world's abundant supply of useful idiots. Communists, Muslims, poverty pimps, race baiters, wealth redistribution experts and the entire platform of anti-Western parasites that thrive on Liberal antagonism towards White Western—and just as often, Christian—civilization need to find themselves unwelcome, along with their "progressive" handmaidens, in all corners of still-free America.

"Extremism in defense of liberty is no vice. Tolerance in the face of tyranny is no virtue."

— Barry Goldwater —

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Findalis said...

The ancient Biblical punishment for homosexuality is stoning.

Zenster said...

Findalis: The ancient Biblical punishment for homosexuality is stoning.

Are you suggesting that we imitate Muslims?

Findalis said...

Not really but we should remind them of that and who does stone their opponents.

PatriotUSA said...

Everyone thought Goldwater was a crazy loon and racist scum, my family was horrified by him. It was here that even at a young age, I sensed true evil in a very liberal, progressive agenda and look where we are so now.

I am sure this offended some folks and to them I say, too bad. This is the harsh reality of uber liberalism gone wild.

I will die rather than submit, ever!

Zenster said...

Findalis: Not really but we should remind them of that and who does stone their opponents

On that we are in total agreement. As you can see from the screen cap home page that I posted, denial isn't just a river in Egypt.

Sad to say, there seem to be an abundance of Liberals and gays that need a closeup, personal taste of Islam. Even then they would still probably tell themselves, "Oh, it's all just a silly mistake. They must think I'm someone who voted for Bush."

More importantly, at the core of what passes for Liberal thinking, there is an elite circle who genuinely believe that—after opening this nation's gates to the Islamic hordes—once the slaughter is over, they will be able to magically snatch the reins of power from blood-soaked Muslim hands and finally micromanage a Socialist America reborn in their government mandated vision of absolute equality.

Far too many Liberals will continue to believe this deluded fantasy right up and until the point where a Saracen sword descends upon their bared neck.

retired Don said...

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