The skills set of the Founding Fathers: Doing what Constitutional Conservatives do and beyond, seeking the truth!

There is a time for those of us who love our REPUBLIC to stand up to tyranny, government gone wild and the traitors who think they know what is best for all of us.

That time is now.

The worst of these traitors, those who hate the United States, our Constitution, AMERICAN EXCEPTIONALISM are exemplified by Barack Obama, his administration and those who believe in modern liberalism, statism or classical magical thinking.

For those of you who have any doubts about where I stand, what I stand for or why I share what I do here, you only have to read what is posted up here.

There are many who are wondering if all was lost after this last election and yes, conservatives took a beat down but remember this; true Constitutional Conservatism was never offered to the American people in the last election or in 2008. In fact, what the Founding Fathers laid down for us in our Constitution has NOT been represented by any politician in a very long time nor has it been displayed as a platform by the RINO republican party.  Allen West and a few others have come sort of close but no cigar. Many are in despair and have given up, quit or even turned to the dark side.

Not me, not here, not in any shape or form. We live in dark, perilous times, it will get much darker,  more sinister before the light of the truth burns away the evil of statist run government.

I am not the most intelligent, philosophical, nor do I or will I ever be known as a free thinker. What I am is extremely logical, a deep thinker with a common sense that is a rarity in our times. My Grandfather, Mother and a couple of uncles get most of the credit for that. My beliefs are based on the Constitution. true conservative principles, peace through superior firepower and first and most importantly, a love for Jesus and the standard that he set for me. I have never claimed to be anything but a Constitutional conservative who believes in what The Founding Fathers gave us with the Constitution.

You may have noticed (how could you not) that I have shared a fair number of posts from The Last Refuge or The Conservative Tree House, same site. This is a site that I implore each one of you to visit and spend a few hours there. The truth lives at TLR. It is a site of some of the most intelligent, wise folks I have ever happened across. the research by the contributors and readers is the best there is IMHO. Sundance, Sharon have busted the LSM repeatedly and will continue to do so. Their research and coverage of Benghazi and Travon Martin are just two of the best examples that come to my mind. There are many others. Spend some time there is all I can say.

Why am I bothering you all with all this prattle?

Here is why.

A recent comment by a Constitutional Conservative and Sundance wrote a most passionate and truth filled response, which is what you will read next. As I stated above, I am not the brightest bulb  in the box and I am sure as hell not an evil compact fluorescent light bulb. I see myself as one of the 100 watt incandescent bulbs that the government killed. Sundance is a 150 watt floodlight and I tip my hat to Sundance as her response explains why we do what we do and must keep doing.

Our Republic is very ill but it is not yet terminal. When good men and women do nothing, evil will prevail.

Not on my watch nor should it be on yours. Just saying...........

From The Last Refuge and it is an honor to offer this next feed to you. Thanks to Jordan2222 for posing his queries and to Sundance for one of the best responses I have ever read. PatriotUSA

A Message To Jordan2222 That Extends Beyond……

patriotJordan, in response to your comment here I’m going to attempt to share something that I really suck at explaining. It is hard to find the correct assembly of words and put them in the correct order to make sense of, well, “it”.  So I’m feebly going to drop back to my fallback position of an analogy in a fumbling attempt to explain, and perhaps in a larger sense put some perspective on this place we call the TreeHouse – The Last Refuge.
Think of current considerations like being inside a massive warehouse constructed as a pitch black maze. Within the confinement of the maze there is no light to afford any person perspective in relation to their environment.

Total darkness, total silence, and the incapacity for general use of any inherent sense: sight, sound, touch, smell, taste, are all useless. The only sense that works is the instinctive sense that none, or at least few, of us have spent any time perfecting.   It is exceptionally unnerving and disconcerting this place we find ourselves.

Yet, there is a coping mechanism available. You see, the maze was constructed by individual people who were given a specific set of instructions on a particular piece to build. Each person tasked with building their unit did not know what they were building, nor did they know how it would be assembled. In addition, they were not aware why they were building it;  It was a request without explanation, and once the task fulfilled they were thanked for their contribution and instructed to leave.

The community that has come together in this Last Refuge is, in a large part, an assembly of many persons who were involved in the individual unit construction; and who know, with specific expertise, how their small section is navigated. Yet they do not know the whole.

We find ourselves within this maze of darkness absent of external compass points. However, each Treeper has a keen understanding, when their built unit is reached, of the entrance and exit. So a large group is able to navigate using the individual skill set of the participants as each take turn with inherent knowledge of their geographical point of reference when reached.

Such was the exact same manner of affiliation for the original founding fathers of this great Republic who found themselves in need of the same skill set. They were diverse and yet were generally comfortable with each other and their faith. They individually pledged their lives, their fortune and their sacred honor in advancement of the journey.

From the beginning, the largest percentage of current long-term refuge members became affiliated after they walked into the “political” maze around 2006/07′/08′ or 09′. Before that there were few who wanted to know what was behind the massive doors of this monolithic construct, but it was not empty. There were some guides already in place to assist the first steps.

Such remains the same today. As each day, week, month or year passes, more and more people find the courage to open the door.   Each carrying their own individual reason to join the quest for understanding and basic truth. So each person inside has a responsibility to assist with the first uncomfortable steps. And so it goes…….
The community is much greater than the sum of its parts because each has a specific skill set, a specific knowledge, and a desire to learn, absorb and understand;  Even though each has an individual, or personal, reason for doing so. That reason matters not, nor is it ever asked. If not abridged by the individual in the form of a question it remains irrelevant.

Baby Newt

To your direct inquiry.  I don’t know what you, or anyone else, might do, or not do, with the information we discuss.  It is irrelevant to us, as it should be.  No-one is telling anyone they need to do anything, nor do they need to avoid doing anything.

To each his/her own.

But what we do have here is a great collection of light-bringers who know, as previously mentioned, the construct of individual segments.

Many people here stem from military backgrounds, many more from affiliations and expertise with quasi-political forces who worked deep within the framework of the maze of societal construction.    Their expertise is as diverse as the fabric which quilts our nation.

 I like to think of the Treehouse the same way I view Mensa. The Mensa organization is quite different from what people think. The most intelligent, as quantified with abstract reasoning tests, are not elite academics, professors, or captains of industry. Not even close.

The vast majority of  Mensas’ are tradespeople of comfortable invisibility, and profoundly proud insignificance. They are carpenters, nurses, plumbers, electricians, roofers, street sweeps, janitors and otherwise: the ‘invisibles’. But bring them together and watch out.  Because quantum physics meets practical application and universal factors are dissected with massive intellectual acumen.

One common thread characteristic, or sense of commonality, is each person seems to enjoy the comfort of physical accomplishment. Few, very few, are abstract white collarists.  Some are significant leaders but only because of what I call ‘their deep connection to dirt’, as in – physical earth covering dirt. Working with your hands provides a comfort unknown in the world of the abstract intellectual thought; and yet, that physical effort allows the mind to travel to incredible places of cognition.

It is a journey.

This is a journey. A journey without a specifically known destination, and an unnerving sense that despite our best efforts or intentions the destination might be a place we do not want to reach.  But we are committed to boldly finding out, because in its purest sense the only truth is available at the exit.

Such is life.

Source is here.

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