Future Obama Administration Propaganda Posters

Future Obama Administration Propaganda Posters

Taken from a Communist China propaganda poster which originally depicted the crushing of all things Capitalist, I removed the Chinese flags and replaced them with Obama logos with the Big Brother eye in the middle symbolizing the Orwellian lack of privacy and government spying that is currently occurring. Below the logo on the top right, I added the communist slogan of "Forward" that the Obama Administration uses along with at least one of their propaganda outlets <*cough MSNBC*>. I added guns to the items being crushed by the worker representing the state confiscation of guns and the crushing at least one of our rights as Americans.  The message on the top left intentionally implies a threat if you do not turn in your guns.
Always remember: Government = Force.

This is the future that we all need to fight against.

Filched with complete honor from Conservative Blogs Central and thanks to Mike Miles.

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Nick said...

Unpack all this and the equation is very clear:

Give us your power. We want it and you won't need it (trust us.)