U.N. Gun ban treaty is dead... for now

The u.n.(useless nations) or maybe it should be the m.n.(muslim nations) has failed in it's bid to pass the global gun banning treaty , for now.

While this is a very good outcome, we must not lose sight of what the first muslim illegal alien potus will most likely try to do, aided by the bitch skanks who are part of his evil and American hating administration. 

Never let a crisis go to waste and this is a crisis for the statists in power.

hillary clinton, samantha powers, susan rice will all willingly do their part to try and assist the u.n. and get the United States to sign this treaty.

"Britain has taken the lead in pushing for a treaty to reduce the impact of the illicit arms trade.

Ahead of Friday's meeting, Britain's Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg discussed treaty prospects with U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon in London and told reporters and both urged the treaty's adoption.

"Global rules govern the sale of everything from bananas to endangered species to weapons of mass destruction, but not guns or grenades," Clegg said. "This anomaly causes untold suffering in conflicts around the world. 1,000 people are killed daily by small arms wielded by terrorists, insurgents and criminal gangs.

At the end of the negotiating session, Mexico read a joint statement from more than 90 countries saying they "are determined to secure an Arms Trade Treaty as soon as possible."

Read the above four paragraphs one more time and let them sink in.

Britainistan, how did giving up the right to own guns work out for you?

What about Mexico? Long live the ALAMO! Want to try again and not by flooding the USA with illegal aliens that your government encourages to come to our country ILLEGALLY? There is a cure for that problem too.

About that joint statement read by more than 90 countries:

How many of those 90 countries or so many countries of the 'global community' owe their very existence or salvation to the United States? I am not talking about just wars or conflicts but also about wasted foreign aid especially to muslim countries?

The United States should leave the u.n. stop any and all funding of the u.n, kick them out of the country and let them europistan have the useless terrorist funding world organization. Let the E.U. fund the baby killers, the free speech haters of the u.n.

I think we will all benefit from a slightly jaded but spot on opinion from TexasFred.

Nothing else needs to be said except to hell with the u.n., obama and his gun hating, queer loving friends.


UN States Fail to Reach Global Arms Trade Treaty 
By TexasFred

U.N. member states have failed to reach agreement on a new treaty to regulate the multibillion dollar global arms trade.

Some diplomats and treaty supporters blamed the United States for triggering the unraveling of the month-long negotiating conference.

Hopes had been raised that agreement could be reached on a revised treaty text that closed some key loopholes by Friday’s deadline for action. But the United States announced Friday morning that it needed more time to consider the proposed treaty — and Russia and China then also asked for more time.

Ambassador Roberto Garcia Moritan, the conference chairman, predicted that despite the failure to reach consensus on a treaty “we certainly are going to have a treaty in 2012.”

He said the overwhelming majority of U.N. member states like the treaty and there are several options for moving forward.

It has FAILED and the United States announced Friday morning that it needed more time to consider the proposed treaty? Why? The thing wasn’t *enhanced* enough for Hillary Clinton and Barack Hussein Obama?

More time? Seriously? More time to WHAT? Set up a port of entry for the United Nations troops that you WILL need to even attempt to enforce such nonsense in the USA?

More time? To devise a less obvious way to take guns from the hands of LEGAL American citizens as you try to turn them into slaves and subjects?

More time? For what? Another attempt at destroying the freedoms that this nation was built on?

More time? You need time to buy a new set of blades in the shredder that you plan to run the Constitution through?

More time? For what? To compose some ILLEGAL order for the American military to come after folks like me? Hunters, sport shooters and gun owners?

More time? So you can gather your UN allies and find a way to turn America into a 3rd World dung heap like most other UN members come from?

More time? Time with which you plan to brainwash even MORE Americans into becoming mindless Liberals that fall for anything the UN and the DNC tells them is good?

Well, you crapped out!

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