4,000 posts and thanks to all! And no, I am not going anywhere

4, 000 Posts and no, I am NOT going anywhere!

Thanks to all the fine contributors here at PC and a special thanks to Ozark Guru.

Unless the Big Guy calls me home, I plan on lurking about the blogosphere doing what I can to be an irritant to islam, islamosympathizing fools, progressive regressive idiots and tools of the left.

A small milestone of sorts that pales in comparison to other blogs or sites but then Patriot's Corner was not established to live off numbers or visits and not donations. As to that last one, it has crossed my mind (what little remains) to take a troll for help but there are millions in worse shape than me or my family. I do what I can to help other bloggers and folks out when I can. You know who you are and I am honored to be able to do so. Yes, I look at the statistics but it is obviously not why this site is here.

If you are unable to figure out why we here at the Corner are here, then maybe you need to go over to huffy poo, or some similar site where constructive thinking and the Constitution of The United Sates Of America is loathed and hated.

If you are too stupid to figure this one out then obama, the first muslim illegal alien potus has a position for you! Just follow the sheeple into the pages of oblivion.

Rome is burning, you fools.

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Stogie said...

Congratulations! Just keep on bloggin'. I think they used to say that in the sixties. Or something close! :)

PatriotUSA said...

Thank you stogie!

Just came back in from a little ceegar and whiskey break.

Much appreciated.

HermitLion said...

May you have 4,000 more, my friend.
We all do what we can to defy the brainwashed bumbling bastards, while free speech still lives.

Hardnox said...

Congratulations! That's a heck of a milestone.

Findalis said...

Congrats. May you have over 4,000 more.