This is an excellent article by Copious Gasser on the subject of Genocide. Please note that this is not meant to be a lengthy, in depth discussion about genocide. CG makes this very clear and implores us to do further research on our own. It becomes crystal clear why CG felt the need to take on this subject. Look and reflect on the times we are living in and what is down the road for the United States. We are not immune from genocide and our history reveals this dark side of our past.

I will be re-posting an article I did back in April, 2010 on Rhodesia and the reign of terror that was forced upon that country and most of Southern Africa by robert mugabe and his followers. I have re-worked and updated this article that I will be re-posting. The significance for today is again, crystal clear and the implications of genocide in our country are frightening at best, dark and possibly bloody at the very worst. PatriotUSA 



WARNING: Disturbing Information and Images in this Post. Proceed at your own risk.
Over the weekend, I watched Netflix and came upon a documentary done by PBS and BBC: Auschwitz: Inside the Nazi State. This is a six part series and I watched the first two so far. Highly informative and well done. I’ll be watching the rest of the series in the coming days.

What is Genocide?

Whenever someone mentions Genocide, naturally the Holocaust comes to mind. Hitler and his minions succeeded in killing over 6 million Jews. How could this happen? Was it an aberration? Genocide is defined as the deliberate and systematic extermination of a national, racial,political, or cultural ;group.

Sadly, the practice of genocide has been an ongoing occurrence throughout human history. Almost every society has practiced genocide at some moment in their history. Yes, even the United States in the attempted extermination of Native Indians. Sadly, the practice of genocide still occurs in modern age. Notably, in Darfur and more recently Christians in Muslim countries are being systematically hunted down and killed.

Does Genocide work?

Does genocide work in completely eradicating a society or group of people? If we go back into the history books, we see that almost every practice of genocide does not completely succeed. One exception is when the Romans completely destroyed Carthage. Could there have been more? In ancient history, before times of writing, there are numerous examples of society’s that are no longer with us, usually due to a practice of genocide by a stronger neighbor. Keep in mind, the number of people that were killed back then was much lower than the attempted genocides of modern history.

What prevents Genocide?

Keeping the premise that any society can evolve to practice genocide, it is important to look at the three factors that keep society’s civilized and not practice genocide.

1st – Society’s that have religious morals.
2nd – Society’s that have democracy.
3rd – Society’s that connect with each other.

A decade or so ago, there was a horrendous slaughter of innocents in Rwanda. The Hutu’s attempted genocide of the Tutsi tribe. Surprisingly, at the time, 90% of Rwandans were practicing Christians. Also, surprisingly, Rwanda was a democracy at the time. They fulfilled the first two conditions, but failed at the last. By being separated into two tribes, the Hutu’s were able to dehumanize the Tutsi’s and then feel justified in attempting to exterminate them.

That last point is a crucial factor in a genocide even happening. It doesn’t happen overnight, but through a long strategy of dehumanizing a group of people. In Nazi Germany, there was a widespread program of blaming the Jews for the woes of the nation. They dehumanized the Jews by depicting them as pigs, animals and worse. Keep in mind, this happened over a period of 8 years before the Nazi’s finally started killing the Jews in earnest.

In totalitarian atheistic society’s the genocide is even worse. It happens much more quickly and is much more effective. In Stalin’s Soviet Union and Mao’s Red China, between them they managed to kill an estimated 100 million people. In Cambodia, the killing fields of the 70′s was managed by the dictator Pol Pot who said they were just exterminating vermin.

Why Talk About Genocide?
So what does this have to do with us today? As of now, the United States fulfills all three conditions for not practicing genocide. But just barely. Politics today have divided us into two camps, the conservatives and the liberals. Most of them are pretty reasonable, but there are extremists on both sides. The liberals and the media accuse the right of hate speech and actions. Looking at all the evidence though, the left and the media have been actively working together to promote hate against the right. Left unchecked, this could mean dire implications to the people of the United States.

What Can We Do About Genocide?

Once a group of people start practicing genocide it is almost impossible to get them to stop unless we go to war and defeat them utterly. This is sad, but since genocide doesn’t happen overnight but through a planned indoctrination of children and adults, it is very hard to break that conditioning.

We need to be constantly on the alert for signs of indoctrination. Yes, in the U.S. there is indoctrination going on in our public schools. There is indoctrination by our President. He constantly blames others for our woes. He promotes division not unity among the U.S. Remember, it took the Nazi’s eight years before they really started killing the Jews. Can we afford to have eight years of Obama? The signs are there, as a society we are heading down the dismal path. Luckily, we can jump off that path at any time.

Muslim countries and those that follow Sharia Law are especially troublesome. By believing that all who do not follow Islam are unclean and therefore unfit to live, they are primed to be genocidal. In fact, it is the expressed aim of the Iranian president to wipe out Israel and all Jews.

In Summary

Genocide is not just a historical event, but one that has pervaded human kind throughout history and continues to this day. By recognizing that any society can devolve into the insanity of genocide, we are more able to recognize the signs and attempt to prevent it.

Rather than expound on some issues, I’ve only lightly touched on some of them in this post. Feel free to explore in detail if you wish.

Original source is here from Copious Gasser.

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Findalis said...

The first genocide of the 20th Century was done by the Turks against the Armenians. Germany remembered that the world said nothing, did nothing. When the Germans committed the Mass Murder known as the Holocaust, the world said nothing, did nothing.

When Rwanda and Darfur happened, the world said nothing, did nothing. Why should they? This was Africa, the victims were poor blacks and a precedent was set back in WW 1.

Today Assad is murdering his own people. Nothing will be done because:

1. Russia protects Syria in the UN.
2. Iran supplies Syria.
3. They have no oil.

So Assad will get away with what Qadaffy couldn't. Qadaffy's Libya has oil.