Showdown looming in Obama's new Egypt

Anyone who has followed the rise of islam and sharia law knew all along that the muslim brotherhood was just biding it's time for just the right opening and opportunity.

obama, dumb islamosympathizing islamist that he is, handed all of egypt over to the muslim brotherhood when he stabbed long time United States ally, Hosni Mubarak in the back. Those who are ignorant of the facts about the muslim brotherhood, believe that the mb is a 'moderate' group are now seeing the sad truth play out not only in egypt but all across the Middle East.

The muslim brotherhood is literally drooling and foaming at the mouth in anticipation of the conflict with the Military. Accusations, intimidation, infiltration and outright purges will be the order of the day, all with the approval of the muslim in the White House.


Muslim Brotherhood Demands End of Egypt Junta
By Confidential reporter

As Foreign Confidential™ predicted, the Muslim Brotherhood is taking power in Egypt in stages. The MB used the military to suppress secular groups. Now, the Islamist organization, which is supported by the Obama administration, is pressuring for an end to military rule.

The MB's longterm plan for the military is to Islamize it by attrition and indoctrination--and purges. Following the Turkish model, an Islamist regime--with a democratic veneer--will accuse Egyptian army officers of coup plots and conspiracies. 

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