What Islam gave the world for Christmas.................

islam is the poisonous 'gift' that keeps on taking, not giving, the lives of near countless numbers of innocent victims.

What crimes had these innocent victims committed, which acts were so horrible that those 'radical' muslim groups like boko haram, hamas, hezbollah, the plo, the taliban (not our enemy, according to the ignorant ass, joe biden)  murdered thousands of innocent people?

They were simply Christians, Jews, Hindus, Sikhs or not of any religion but simply non-muslims, or kafirs,.

Make no mistakes about islam, not a one. islam is out to enslave the entire world under the deadly yoke of islamic sharia law and establish a global islamic caliphate. Just ask any of those who survived the Christmas day bombings in Nigeria, or the Christian women of pakistan, afghanistan, who have survived acid being tossed into their faces. The list is much too long and it will keep on growing, dripping with the senseless blood of now over 270 million innocent victims since the spawning of islam in the 7th century.
While the vast majority of 'true religions' have evolved with the times, islam is still stuck in the 7th century. Fueled by a hatred of any and all who are not born into or convert to islam, the bloodletting will continue. Over 60% of the qura'an is devoted to how to deal with the kafir. and much is this is by violent means. 

If you have any doubts please spend some time at the following site and do some research and educate yourself. Here is the site : The Religion Of  Peace.


What Islam gave the world for Christmas........

By Barry Rubin

By Raymond Ibrahim 

Washington Times


In case you need any further proof of how islam works, read this straight from Foreign Confidential and then read about the tragedy in Kosovo.

Confidential Reporter has this to say: "The elderly woman, a survivor of the Muslim pogrom that ended the town's large Serbian community, needed 24-hour-a-day police protection to deter Muslim attacks. Click here for the story.

Question: Why did the Clinton administration intervene in a civil war in order to create a Muslim state in the heart of Europe?

Answer: The Kosovo intervention was in line with America's cynical and stupid pro-Islamist policy (which blew back horrifically on 9/11). The United States has basically made the world safe for rightwing political Islam, not, as anti-Israel leftists would have you believe, by supporting the Jewish State against its genocidal enemies, but as part of an effort to exploit and manipulate political/organized Islam in order to contain and roll back the Iron Curtain and, then, following the crackup of the Soviet Union that was accelerated by the covert, Carter/Reagan-financed and Saudi-supported anti-Soviet war in Afghanistan--on the side of Islamist warlords and jihadist scum--to counter resurgent Russia and Rising China while also seeking to control the oil and gas resources of the Middle East and Central Asia.

Under Obama (of "the Muslim World"), the covert pro-Islamist policy, which dates to the Eisenhower administration's support for the Muslim Brotherhood and its international front groups, is overt. The sword of Islam is in sync with the "moral arc of history," according to America's first Muslim-born-and-reared President.

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Arius said...

Right. The US is promoting the spread of Islam everywhere. The US, like everywhere in the West, is on its death march.