USA to give Israel aid for missle defences

The USA has agreed to provide Israel with $235 million in order to beef up their missile defence systems. Israel brought their Iron Dome missile defence system online in March 2011. This system was developed by Rafael Advanced Defence Systems to intercept short range rockets and missles. In May 2011, Maj. Gen. Udi Shani of the Israeli Defence Ministry said that Israel intends to install 10 to 15 Iron Dome batteries, at an approximate cost of $1 billion.

Sources: AFP (accessed 01:35 GMT 26/12/11), Haaretz issue 9th May 2011 (accessed 01:45 GMT 26/12/11).

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Findalis said...

Obama gave bunker busters to Israel, but it has been discovered that they are duds.

Just like Obama to do.