Milwaukee and Philadelphia

Gary Fouse

On Friday, a race riot broke out in Milwaukee as dozens, if not hundreds of black youths attacked whites as they left the Wisconsin State Fair. I noted on my post that the major news organs were not reporting the story. As a resident of Southern California, I was particularly interested to hear what conservative talk show host Larry Elder would have to say about the incident. Elder, who is black, is constantly accused of being an Uncle Tom because of his views on race.

By chance, I had attended a social event in Hollywood the previous weekend in which Elder also attended (Republican Party Animals). I would have loved to meet him since I admire him greatly, but I make it a point not to approach celebrities.

This morning, I happened to catch part of his show while driving to LA. (I missed Monday's show). Today, Elder was discussing the weekend reports of the flash mobs that have been attacking people on the streets of Philadelphia. I still don't know if he discussed Milwaukee, but he spoke clearly on what is happening in Philadelphia. He condemned it, as well as any notion that poverty was the cause. He quoted Philadelphia mayor, Michael Nutter, himself black, who has publicy told the thugs that they are "damaging their race".

Elder has often stated very clearly that the biggest problem facing black America is the lack of the two-parent family and the high illegitimate birth rate-70% as compared to about 25% some fifty years ago during the days of Jim Crow. He blames that on the welfare state that provided disincentives for families to stay married. To me, there doesn't seem to be any other logical reason.

The incident in Milwaukee and the flash mobs in Philadelphia also illustrate another unpleasant truth that we must face. The victims are white. Can you imagine the media reaction had it been whites attacking blacks? Instead, the mainstream news media prefers to ignore it-not even report it-or if they do, make excuses for it. Meanwhile, where is the Dept of Justice investigating race-based hate crimes? We are still deluding ourselves that today-in the year 2011- blacks are the biggest target of hate crimes and violent attacks. True enough, they certainly were in the old South, but today, we have a new South, where whites and blacks co-exist probably better than the North-certainly better than Milwaukee and Philadelphia. We will never see the true statistics, but if you start labeling these incidents in Milwaukee, Philadelphia, and other big cities as hate crimes-which they are, black on white crime would be at the top.

However, we are still prevented from having an honest and open discussion about it due to political correctness and the dread that whites have of being called racist. Yet, by this willful blindness, we do a disservice to the majority of black people who have jobs and obey the law. We are telling them that their accomplishments and character have no value. Meanwhile, thuggery brings back unpleasant stereotypes of blacks that we all want to put behind us. Mayor Nutter is correct; the thugs in Philadelphia are damaging the race.

Star Parker, a black conservative writer and commentator, who herself came from tough circumstances, has said it best; Poor people are not poor because rich people are rich. Yet, we have a president who was elected by a naive majority who believed he was going to bring us together and move this nation beyond race. What has he done other than fuel the fires over class envy-not by race-but by economic class? For Obama, it's the rich vs the poor. Is it a stretch to conclude that young blacks from broken families on welfare in places like Philadelphia and Milwaukee will act that out by attacking those whom they perceive as being rich-the whites?

This is the moment for the President, the Jesse Jacksons, the Al Sharptons, the NAACP, and the Congressional Black Caucus to step up and speak to young people in the inner cities. Don't hold your breath. It is moments like this that Sharpton goes to the scene and leads a "No justice-no peace" rally.

Meanwhile, we ignore the voices of people like Larry Elder and other black conservatives, who really are the the most intellectually stimulating and courageous people in our society. They pay a steep price for speaking the truth, and they should be supported by all social conservatives.

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