Only in San Francisco would they think of this: San Francisco Considers Ban on Goldfish

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If We Don’t Protect Goldfish, Who Will?

For the love of all that is holy, we must protect goldfish! Goldfish are too precious to be pets. We must let them….. we must….. let them….. um. Not sure what we should do with them.


Yeah, but it does have a basis in reality.

San Francisco Commissioner Philip Gerrie has proposed a ban on pets – dogs, cats, hamsters, etc., – similar to a ban that was proposed last year. Only this year, Gerrie wants to include banning the sale of goldfish and tropical fish as well.

He said goldfish, guppies and other tropical fish were added to the proposed ban because of what he called the “inhumane suffering of fish” and the way the fish are harvested.

“It causes animal suffering,” Gerrie told Fox News Radio. “Whole reefs and ecosystems are being exploited for whatever might be marketable or sellable.”

(Commissioner Gerrie causes suffering, maybe we should ban him?)

This is the type of thing that irritates people to no end. San Francisco has all sorts of budgetary problems. They have issues will illegal immigration. People cannot afford housing in the city. Murder and domestic violence are rising (although other crime is down). The unemployment rate is higher than the national average.

With all those issues looking at the city and its residents, a ban on goldfish is what Commissioner Gerrie wants to talk about? That’s his pressing issue of the day?

Even if he is right – even if Gerrie is correct in saying that people treat pets, including goldfish inhumanely – go after the people that do the crime. There are many people who lovingly take care of their pets. It is typical government overkill to ban something because a small number of people abuse it.

Of course there would be an economic impact if this ban takes place. Pet stores and tropical fish stores would have to close.

Ask the goldfish if they are going to help pay into the unemployment compensation for the people and businesses that go “belly up.”

We suspect that Pepperidge Farm is watching this proposed ban carefully.

After all, Pepperidge Farm bakes their goldfish.

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