Official Quick PatriotUSA update on this past work week...Geez!

This sums up how I feel right now!
Just a very quick post here to let all know I have been in budget and strategy meeting ALL week plus two days in the valley in Salem. Our regional manager is on vacation for two weeks and I am in the meetings to defend our program from the axe. I will be back to posting over the weekend and then will just have to see how work shakes out next week. I have pushed way beyond my limits on handling the pain from my back and shoulders and traveling to the valley is a killer for me. Just got home from urgent care where I spent the last four hours getting IV plus injected narcotics to get my pain 'under control.' I have just a half day tomorrow and will be getting much needed rest this weekend but I will be back at posting up feeds as I miss this really bad.

So hope you all understand and patience is in very short supply with me and some of the idiots I have to argue with in these meetings. Most of them have NO idea of what the average person is going through these days just to try and survive, and have little if any contact with those who are out of work, many for over two years or more.

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