My letter(email) to 'Congressman' Weiner asking him to resign.

I have been so very tempted to do a post on 'Weiner Gate' but have held back so far. Other blogs and sites have ripped him to shreds and deservedly so. Below is my letter to him that I emailed just a short while ago. Just in case you would like to send one to 'Congressman Weiner' the link to his site is below my letter.


A sincere letter to Congressman Weiner in regard to 'Weiner Gate'.

I thank you for your apology on 'Weiner Gate' and that you were so open and honest. Being up front as I tend to be I think you should have coped to this right from the get go and perhaps the rest of what I would be saying, would not be needed. It comes down to this, you lied to the American people for 10 days. Your trust has been forever altered and shattered in my opinion, and America deserves better than this and we MUST hold all politicians to the highest standards possible. I do NOT think your own district will want you back after this but maybe I am wrong on that. I urge you to do the right thing and step down and resign before this gets any worse for you or your party. Your actions and conduct now and in the past are pretty bad(short temper and outbursts(you know the drill). What you did over the last couple of years is inexcusable and you are NOW a MARRIED man and these actions are all the more regrettable.

Personally, I do not care if you resign or not as I am NOT a democrat or liberal. I would like to see the democrats badly damaged by this as I am a constitutional conservative and hold to neither party. If you stay the damages to you, your reputation, marriage, family and COUNTRY will be great. As an AMERICAN(legally, born and raised in the American Southwest thank you!)you should resign. The potus should ask you to resign if you do not have the balls to do so. You had the balls(or maybe it was just ego?) to send those pictures and tweets so man up and resign. You own your wife, family and country this, at the very least. I do not expect an answer back but maybe you will really surprise me.

PatriotUSA(I did use my real name in the actual letter.)

Here is his addresss for his homepage:

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