ISLAM - What can I do? Guest post by Debbie Ruby

If anyone is wondering what can they do about the encroachment of islam and sharia law into our country, then this next post is for you. What can you do about islam?

This was written by a fine lady who truly gets it about islam, the threat that it is to not only the United States but to the entire free world. islam will NOT rest until every square inch of the globe has been taken over by islam and every last individual has been converted to islam or has been killed for failing to convert to islam.

Debbie is someone I met through FreedomTorch, which is a great site for meeting other true Conservatives. UNLIKE Facebook, FreedomTorch does not go about snooping into your account, deleting your friends, making your groups disappear and you will find just about zero liberals, progressives and islamosympathizers on FreedomTorch. If you are sick and tired of Facebook then you owe it to yourself and others to check out FreedomTorch.

One group worthy of joining on Facebook is this one:  America Opposed To Islamization And Sharia Law. This is a closed group and security is kept EXTREMELY tight. If you want to join and are really interested in joining, let me know though the comments here as I am one of the administrators for this group.

I was so impressed by this article of Debbie's that I asked her permission to re-post it here. She was  gracious enough to say yes.

If you can see the wisdom here please drop us a comment and be sure to share this with your friends and help get this one out there. It is that good!

What can you do about islam? Read the qur'an, read Robert Spencer's books, Mark Steyn's America Alone, The Reliance of the Traveller. There are many books to read that can and will educate you, so you can educate others. You can start following some of the sites you will find on the blogroll here.  

A Few sites that I recommend right off the bat are Gates Of Vienna, Foreign Confidential(Formerly China Confidential), The Religion Of Peace, Weasel Zippers, Bare Naked Islam, Creeping Sharia, Logan's Warning, Bill Warner's Political Islam, The Investigative Project on Terrorism and of course Patriot's Corner.

A very big thanks to Debbie Ruby for taking a huge step and granting permission to re-post her article here. I do not care how far away or rural your town may be, Debbie. Myself and many others will do all we can to help you out in regard to fighting islam and sharia law.


ISLAM - What can I do?
By Debbie Ruby

Do you remember where you were on 9/11? I do. I was sitting in my nice comfy office at work in Wilmington, Ohio watching on my computer screen as it seemed like time just stood still – this cannot be really happening in the US! I had to spring into action because I was on the executive team and we needed to be there for our staff and make sure they were ok….a room was set up immediately for shocked staff members to go and pray and be comforted. To this day, I remember that moment with a heavy heart but there is no way that I could even imagine what it was like for the residents of New York and those at the Pentagon and in PA as they lived this nightmare. Terrorist in the US…..I know it to be true…..but the US is not really under a true continuous attack right?

Right this moment, I am in London, UK. Over the last week….something has changed within me. For those who know me, will tell you I normally have a smile on my face and don’t know a stranger. Over the last year I have made an effort to learn as much as I can about Islam and how the group wants to fundamentally change the western world. I have just come to realize though that it has never truly HIT HOME with me….until now. YES – After 9/11 and what I have read stirs my heart and makes me hold fast to my Christian beliefs and the American way of life. But it also has angered me. An emotion that I am not really use to feeling towards others. An emotion that I have struggled with and searched Bible Scripture to come to terms with to justify what feels like hatred. But there again….I live in rural Ohio and have never really been exposed to Islam and its true evil. MY safe little world….how nice it is for me (said sarcastically and with a heavy heart)

A month before I left for London – I had contacted one of my London FB friends and we had agreed to meet each other – He was an ex-muslim, who was now a Christian and fighting the fight against Islam. About a week before I left…..he kind of fell off the face of… well….Facebook. Shortly before I left, I found out that he was in police protective custody because he had been beaten up by radical muslims

At the London Heathrow airport upon my arrival, I experienced something again that left me reeling. As I was walking through the airport there were a lot of muslims - As I had to walk among them and the looks I received from them…..my heart felt like someone was squeezing it and my air seemed in short supply as I thought of my friend, as I thought of 9/11 and as I thought of all the horror I had read. Yes I know I should not generalize but how do you not? This morning I went for a run in the city of London, there was a women dressed in the muslim burka walking the opposite direction – if looks could kill…..I would be dead. The hatred in her eyes for me…..I had never experienced anything quite like that before. THIS is what is infiltrating the US?

I just had dinner with a co-worker from our UK office and she told me that EVERYONE looked at Islam differently after 9/11. As she began to talk and tell me what most people in her circle of friends thought of it all, my small little world got bigger and bigger……. as it was rocked just a little more. She begged me to NOT let what has happened in her country happen in mine. She talked about how their laws had changed in order to accommodate Islam. In Europe, they have sharia wills, schools, banks and some areas even have sharia courts. After listening to her for a while, I started thinking about the speech that Geert Wilders had made in TN. Do whatever you can to NOT let Islam law take over. http://www.jihadwatch.org/2011/05/geert-wilders-a-warning-to-america.html

So my Freedom Torch Friends, all this leads me to a question that I want to ask each of you. Every chance I get, when I run into someone who is not educated about Islam and it’s possible effects on the US and its evil, I point them to multiple websites that has helped me in my journey to educate myself on Islam. BUT What else can I really do? When I leave London, I will go back to small town USA and once again be put back into my small little world – but with my eyes open a little wider.

WHAT DO EACH OF YOU DO? How are you making a difference? How do we not allow Islam to gain a foothold here in the US when sympathizers and supporters of Islam are trying to change our constitution,  those that embrace political correctness are willing to allow sharia law to infiltrate our system? What I ask may seem rather elementary to some……but I really want to know what someone like me in rural USA can do to help and make a difference.

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