islam first from the White House

If anyone has any doubts or does not think beyond the shadow of any doubt that the muslin in the White House, the first muslim potus thinks first and foremost about the islamic/muslim world all the time, then you must read this next feed by Daniel Greenfield. obama, the first and prayerfully last muslim potus made it his goal to put outreach, policy and financing to the muslim world, first on his agenda. It is about the only thing he has accomplished on any scale, outside of the nightmare of obamacare.

Like obamacare, isalm and sharia law is nothing but trouble for us and why do we keep on helping those who truly hate us. I was looking for a good post on this subject when Mr. Greenfield's post appeared and it was almost like it was an answer to prayers. obamacare will not kill us right away.
islam surely can and will, if we give it the opportunity to do so. (Fort Hood ring a bloody bell for you?)

As Greenfield asks: "Is any of this working? Does the Muslim world love us now? No they don’t"

Agreed, and they will not love us or even like us. They may PRETEND to like us, tell soothing lies to our faces, tell us they are our partners in the fight against ISLAMIC, MUSLIM fueled and supported terrorism just to get our money(not like we need it here at home to do something helpful, say like create jobs??? Just saying)

obama has aided and appeased everything muslim or islamic and I find it disgusting that we are arming and aiding those who REALLY hates us. Of course they have been lying and cheating us for years and years. One could say that about all the aid we given Israel except for one big difference; Israel is our ally and would 'probably' come to our aid or align themselves with us in a major conflict. Of course, this may have changed with the obama trying to all he can to force Israel to give up Jerusalem, go back to the 1967 borders(suicide for Israel) and make 'peace' with the liars in gazastan and the west bank. Like any muslim country would stand by us?
How about pakistan afghanistan, egypt, libya, saudi arabia, yemen, iraq, iran? The list is a long one of arab traitors and bloodsuckers.

Yet obama refuses to see any of this. How much more proof do you need that he is an islamosypthizing traitor and yes, a muslim.

From Sultan Knish


No, we will not! EVER!  
The “Muslims First” Foreign Policy
By Daniel Greenfield

Since 9/11 we have sunk billions of dollars into the Muslim world

In France, American embassies and consulates have been directed to “empower” Muslims and push for the passage of “social reforms” that will benefit them. In the UK, American diplomats were directed to again “empower” Muslims and made outreach to them a top priority. In Israel, the US consulate in Jerusalem caters only to Muslims and does its best to pretend that Jews and Israel don’t even exist. And when Obama visited Greece, what else did he do but push the political and religious authorities to open more mosques and Islamic schools. America’s own interests and our obligations to our allies have been put aside to focus on a single goal of overriding importance. Pandering to the Muslim world. It’s as if we have no other foreign policy goal anymore beyond keeping Muslims happy.

The United States has its first Special Representative to Muslim Communities in the person of Farah Pandith. We also have Rashad Hussain, a Special Envoy to the Organization of the Islamic Conference. (No relation to Barack Hussein Obama. The name Hussain is common among Muslims as a tribute to Mohammed’s grandson, Hussain ibn Ali, the ‘Martyr Of Martyrs’ in Islam.) Hussain (Rashad, not Barack) had ties to the Muslim Brotherhood, which helped create both Al Qaeda and Hamas, and defended Islamic Jihad leader Sami Al-Arian. Farah Pandith is a Kashmiri Muslim who began her career as Barbara Bush’s secretary. But just creating two new Muslim posts in the diplomatic sector isn’t enough.

NASA Administrator Bolden told Al Jazeera that the agency’s new priority is outreach to Muslims. After gutting NASA and killing its space program, the agency focused on its new top priority by appointing Waleed Abdalati, as its new Chief Scientist. Waleed Abdalati is a twofer, as a Muslim and a Global Warming researcher. So the Obama Administration gets to kill off the space program and replace it with Global Warming junk science headed by a Muslim. It’s what the devil would call synergy.

Is any of this working? Does the Muslim world love us now? No they don’t

Is any of this working? Does the Muslim world love us now? No they don’t. And France, the UK, Israel and Greece like us less for tampering with their internal affairs at Muslim instigation. All the outreach in the world can’t help, because it’s not outreach, it’s pandering. Not only is it condescending, but it sends a message of weakness and desperation. When we pressure our allies on behalf of Muslims, we’re sending them a signal that our first priority is fulfilling the marching orders we received from the Muslim world. And this not only fragments our traditional alliances, but it encourages Muslim regimes to support further acts of terrorism to improve their position.

Since 9/11 we have sunk billions of dollars into the Muslim world. Usually we had to defeat a country in a war before we began rebuilding them, but now we rush to throw money at hellholes like Pakistan and Indonesia where human rights is a punchline and the mass murder of non-Muslims is an ongoing event.

Taking a look at the fortunes we have plowed into Taliban’s godfathers in Pakistan, the round the clock duty that American soldiers perform securing and rebuilding Afghanistan and Iraq, the death grip that Bin Laden’s own adoptive Saudi royal family has on our foreign policy, our bankrolling of the Palestinian Authority, not to mention the money that we paid and are still paying to Baathist and Taliban terrorists in exchange for not attacking us—and even the least terrorist prone country in the Muslim world can’t help but think that it could do better for itself by bombing us, than by trying to be our friend.

This frantic flurry of outreach reveals that we consider Islam to be the primary threat to global stability and a major national security threat

This frantic flurry of outreach reveals that we consider Islam to be the primary threat to global stability and a major national security threat. The positive image reveals the negative. We’re so obsessed with pandering to Muslims because we’re afraid of them. The Muslim world knows it, and gloats, when it isn’t busy acting offended. The American public knows it too, even behind the camouflage tarp of learning about other cultures, that we’re trying to defuse the violence. But trying to defuse violence through appeasement is not a good strategy unless you’re willing to go all the way to Dhimmitown.

By enslaving our foreign policy to Islamic interests, we’re already much of the way there. Chief Justice Stephen Breyer has adopted a new Constitutional understanding of free speech, in which you’re free to say what you want as long as it doesn’t run the risk of getting Muslims violently angry. In Europe you can be arrested for yodeling even in the shadow of the Alps—if it offends a Muslim. A 21st century revival of The Sound of Music might now feature the Von Trapp family escaping into the mountains only to end up under arrest because some immigrant from Algeria, Morocco or Turkey was offended because the sound of “The Lonely Goatherd” resembled his own prayers to Allah a little too much.

What does this have to do with foreign policy? Everything. If we treat the Muslims of the world as a collective group always balanced on the edge of exploding, then there is no more difference between foreign and domestic policy when it comes to Muslims. Accordingly every Western country with a Muslim minority must pursue only Muslim approved policies at home and abroad. If Thailand, Israel or India begin fighting Muslim terrorism—they must join in on the Muslim side. If France passes a Burqa ban, then the United States must begin lobbying to overturn it. If Danish cartoons in a local newspaper offend Muslims, then the Prime Minister of Denmark must be compelled to apologize for his country’s free speech before being allowed to become NATO’s Secretary General.
The combination of Muslim terrorism and immigration eradicates all differences between foreign and domestic policies

The combination of Muslim terrorism and immigration eradicates all differences between foreign and domestic policies. There is only one policy. A Muslim policy. And the bottom line of the Muslim policy is that Muslims get what they want. At any cost. Any price. Freedom, morality, loyalty, national values and human rights are dispensable now. Appeasing Muslims is not.

Appeasing Muslims had tied the free world in an infernal knot. Each country pressures its own citizens and other countries to do whatever Muslims want. This would be unjustifiable even if it worked, but the damnedest thing of all, is that it doesn’t actually discourage Muslim violence. It actually encourages it. And why not? If countries pandered to murderers, rapists and robbers instead of putting them in prison—would there be less murders, rapes and robberies. Or would there be more?

The only way we can justify our craven appeasement is through the belief in the discredited Blowback Theory of Muslim violence

The only way we can justify our craven appeasement is through the belief in the discredited Blowback Theory of Muslim violence. The Blowback Theory holds that Muslim violence is only retaliatory. That every time Muslims kill people, it’s only because they’re retaliating for a wrong done to them. Whether that wrong be a Predator drone taking out a terrorist (who was only retaliating for being yodeled at), drawing a cartoon of an illiterate 7th century pedophile worshiped by a billion people with deficient morals, or some battle fought 600 years ago. Whatever it may be—the Blowback Theory holds that Muslims are always in the right to kill us. And we’re always in the wrong to defend ourselves against being killed.

The corollary to the Blowback Theory is the Infinite Muslim Terrorists Theory. The Infinite Muslim Terrorists Theory holds that every Muslim grievance creates new terrorists. Like an angel getting its wings every time a bell rings, the Infinite Muslim Terrorists Theory warns us that every time we offend Muslims, it bring forth new terrorists. And shooting them does no good. Because shooting terrorists only offends Muslims even more. And that generates still more terrorists. Kill a terrorist and four more take his place. And if the process keeps going, there will eventually be more Muslim terrorists in the world than there are Muslims, causing the entire world to implode into the event horizon of a singularity.

The paradox of the Infinite Muslim Terrorists Theory is that it insists that the vast majority of Muslims is peaceful, and yet threatens that every single one of those peaceful people can be converted into homicidal maniacs if we’re not careful. And when combined with Blowback Theory, it puts the blame for the instant terrorist conversion on us. Like Gremlins that we’re afraid of feeding after midnight, we take care to step lightly around Muslims, for fear that they will suddenly turn into monsters bent on killing us. Such thinking might be considered bigoted, but with Blowback Theory we know that if they do turn into homicidal monsters, it will be entirely 100 percent our fault.

Project this mode of conduct on a global scale, and this is what our foreign policy looks like. All our envoys to Islam. Our Muslims First foreign policy. Our retrofitting of policymaking at every level to accommodate the whims of the prophet’s beard. And for all the cringing and crawling, appeasing and advocating, the violence continues to grow. Because you can end violence by taking a firm stand, not by falling to your knees.

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philip.zhao said...

Simple question. Why Americans are still trying to vote for him in 2012?

PatriotUSA said...

That is a great question and I do not have a good answer as most people i Know did not vote for him the first time around. I knew about him before he was even a Candidate for potus. I had started following him from his days in Chicago and Illinois in the senate. he has been a baby killing abortion rights advocate for a long time and still is.

So I knew long before many others and started warning about him and what he is and was back then. Of course I was branded a bigot and a racist because he is black. His skin color has NOTHING to do why I dislike him so much. It has to do with who he is, how he hates all this country has done well(we are not perfect, far from it but the free world would be much worse off without the USA in the picture).

If I disliked the mullah obamaham because of his skin color, then why I am a huge fan of Allen West who I really wish would run for POTUS. Another term under obama and the USA will be severely compromised with our enemies feasting on the flesh of our country.