The Daily Catch Videos for 6-8-2011: Funny video on immigrants in England, Interview Hege Storhaug and much more

The Daily Catch Videos for 6-8-2011.

Funny video on immigrants flooding England.

Thanks to Barry Rogers for this one!

A BIG Thanks to Vlad Tepes for several of the videos below. Eeyore rocks!

Interview with Hege Storhaug June 7 2011. This is a MUST WATCH and SHARE.

SALT In the first line of fire

Bruce Bawer returns to Ottawa

European mega mosques from CBN

Allen West on Weiner Gate

Stupid Chevy video on the Volt and CO2. Buy a Volt for $40,000? No way.

MSA leadre caught lying through his teeth.

Yemen and the why it is a global threat.

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