The Daily Catch Videos for 6-16-2011: Debbie Downer, Tom Trento, till ramadamadingdongdoo done and a lot more!

The Daily Catch Videos for 6-16-2011

Here comes Debbie Downer!

Tom Trento: The United West. This one is a MUST WATCH!

Hebrew U. Professor Unveils Shadowy Group Fetulleh Gulen

till ramadamadingdongdoo done

Anti-Israel queers in Canada

Leftarded Aussie politician obsessed over Israel

Offensive islamic jihad and the taking of sex slaves. Only in islam.

Pat Condell: Islamic Cultural Terrorism

Flemish separatists arrested for sign change. Filip Dewinter and other members of Vlaams Belang put up their Independent Flanders street signs.

Guy in Pink Dress Accosts MacIver Intern (Graphic Language)

Peter King smacks down libtarded racist accusation

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