Word to Obama: The Osama Death Photos Won’t Make Islamists Slaughter & Defile Americans… They Already Do (Updated)

This is a very superb and passionate article done by Jim Hoft from Gateway Pundit. There is no inherent risk of upsetting or inflaming the muslim world if obama discovered the balls to release the images of obl. They hate us already and for further proof, just read the feed below. There is plenty of evidence to back up us releasing the images of obl. To not do so is cowardly and weak and that is just what islam feeds off of. I thank Mr. Hoft for saying what needed to be said.

From Gateway Pundit.


Word to Obama: The Osama Death Photos Won’t Make Islamists Slaughter:  Defile Americans… They Already Do (Updated)
By Jim Hoft

In explaining his choice not to release the Osama Bin Laden death photos, Mr. Obama said that,
“We don’t need to spike the football. Given the graphic nature of these photos it would ceate a national security risk.”

CBS reported:

King Obama won’t release the Osama photos.

We certainly wouldn’t want to “spike the football” and upset the Muslim radicals or they might disrespect and abuse our soldiers like they did to Private Kristian Menchaca (left) and Private Thomas Tucker in Iraq.

In explaining his choice not to release the Osama Bin Laden death photos, Mr. Obama said that,

“We don’t need to spike the football. Given the graphic nature of these photos it would create a national security risk.”

Private Kristian Menchaca (left) of Houston and Private Thomas Tucker of Oregon were captured by terrorists in Iraq, hacked to death, their eyes gouged, their bodies defiled. The bodies of the two soldiers were apparently dragged behind utility vehicles before being mutilated. It took the search team 12 hours to reach Pfc. Kristian Menchaca of Houston and Pfc. Thomas L. Tucker of Madras, Ore., because soldiers had to make their way through numerous explosive devices set along the road and around the bodies themselves.

On March 31, 2004, four men working for Blackwater USA as security guards — Scott Helvenston, Wesley Batalona, Jerry Zovko and Michael Teague — were ambushed by insurgents in Fallujah. They were killed, their bodies burned and mutilated, and two were strung up on a bridge over the Euphrates. The insurgents made their own video of the attack, broadcasting the images around the world. The Obama administration prosecuted the SEALs who captured and slapped the mastermind behind the Fallujah killings.
the Al Qaeda-linked group led by Abu Musab al-Zarqawi beheaded American contractor Eugene Armstrong in Iraq. The posted the video online.
The body of a dead US soldier being dragged through the streets of Mogadishu by Islamists.

 Al-qaeda beheaded Nick Berg in Iraq. The video was a big hit for the Islamists.
You see Barack, the Islamists want to kill us – period.
It’s not about being nice.

UPDATE: Lady Liberty found this list of Muslim atrocities against US soldiers since 1968.

June 5 – U.S. presidential candidate Robert Kennedy murdered by Palestinian Sirhan Sirhan, in Los Angeles, which causes further terrorist attacks, as Arab terrorist groups demanded his release.

March 2 – Khartoum, Sudan. Cleo Noel, Jr., U.S. ambassador, and George C. Moore, U.S. diplomat, were held hostage and then killed by terrorists at the U.S. Embassy.

March 1 – Diplomats taken hostage from Saudi Arabian Embassy in Khartoum, Sudan, 2 that are killed are American’s.

March 11 – Gail Rubin, niece of U.S. Senator Ribicoff, among 38 people shot to death by terrorists on a beach near Tel Aviv.

Oct. 23 – Simultaneous suicide truck bombs in Lebanon: 1st crashed into lobby of US Marine Corps Headquarters, 241 Marines dead, 82 seriously injured – and 2nd was French compounds killing 58 paratroopers.

Dec. 12 – US Embassy in Kuwait targeted to destroy the building with a truck bomb, attack foiled by guards and the device killed 5 people and injured 80.

Mar. 9 – Car bomb kills 80 (22 Americans) and wounds more than 200 civilians when it drove past the checkpoint at the U.S. Embassy in Awkar.

Mar. 16 – Hizballah kidnapped, tortured and killed William Buckley, an officer at the U.S. Embassy in Beirut.

Sept. 20- US embassy in the Beirut is bombed – 2 servicemen and 23 employees are killed, 21 Americans injured including the U.S. and British Ambassadors. 50+ Lebanese were injured.

April 12 – Bombing of U.S. soldier’s favorite restaurant in Madrid, killing 18 and injuring 82.

June 14 – TWA Boeing 727 Flight 847 hijacked en route to Rome, 8 crew and 145 passengers were held for 17 days, U.S. Navy diver was murdered. After being flown twice to Algiers, the hostages were released after the US pressured to release 435 Lebanese and Palestinian prisoners.

April 6 – An explosion at the “La Belle” nightclub in Berlin, U.S. soldiers’ hang-out, was bombed, killing 3 and injuring 230 people, including 79 U.S. soldiers.

Feb. 5 – US Marine Corps Lt. Colonel Higgens, Chief of the U.N. Truce Force kidnapped and murdered by Hezbollah.

June 26 – US Naval Attach� killed in Athens, Greece.

Dec. 21 – Pan Am Flight 103 – Boeing 747 from London to New York, blown up over Lockerbie, Scotland, by a bomb. All 259 passengers and 11 on the ground were killed, including 35 Syracuse University students and many U.S. military personnel.

Feb. 7 – Incirlik Air Base, Turkey, U.S. civilian contractor shot as he was getting into his car.

Oct. 28 – Ankara, Turkey. Victor Marwick, an American soldier serving at the Turkish-American base, Tuslog, was killed and his wife wounded in a car bomb attack.

Oct. 28 – Two car bombings killed a U.S. Air Force Sergeant and severely wounded an Egyptian diplomat in Istanbul.

Hotel in Yemen bombed and U.S. servicemen killed, Operation Restore Hope.

Jan. 25, Virginia, U.S.A. A Pakistani terrorist opened fire with AK-47 on CIA employees standing outside the building. Two agents, Frank Darling and Bennett Lansing, were killed and 3 others wounded.

Oct – Killing of U. S. soldiers in Somalia.

Jan. 22 – Islamic Jihad militants blow themselves up amid a group of soldiers near Netanya, killing 21. Operation Bojinka is discovered on a laptop in a Manila, Philippines apartment, in which Osama bin Laden was planning to blow up 12 planes as they flew to the U.S., plus kill the Pope.

March 8 – Attack on US Diplomats in Pakistan.

April 9 – Islamic Jihad suicide bomber attacks military convoy in Gaza, killing 7 soldiers and an American tourist.

Nov. 13 – Car bomb exploded at US Army Office of the Program Manager for Saudi Arabian National Guard Modernization, in Saudi Arabia, killing seven, five of them U.S. citizens, and wounding nearly a hundred.

June 25 – Terrorists explode a truck bomb next to a USAF Khobar Towers housing facility at Dhahran, Saudi Arabia, killing 19 American servicemen and 515 injured including 240 U.S. personnel.

Nov. 12 – 2 Terrorists shot to death 4 U.S. auditors of a Texas petroleum company and their driver at a Sheraton Hotel in Karachi, Pakistan.

Jan. 15 – U.S. Embassy bombing in Peru.
Published February 23, 1998 – Statement signed by many Islamic Jihad Leaders from most Muslim countries, first by Sheikh Osamah Bin-Ladin: “…In compliance with God’s order, we issue the following fatwa to all Muslims: The ruling to kill the Americans and their allies–civilians and military–is an individual duty for every Muslim who can, in any country in which it is possible… We — with Allah’s help — call on every Muslim who believes in God and wishes to be rewarded, to comply with Allah’s order to kill the Americans and plunder their money wherever and whenever they find it. Unless you go forth, Allah will punish you with a grievous penalty, and put others in your place.”

Aug. 7 – Simultaneous bombs in US Embassies in Kenya, and Tanzania, heavily damaged by massive attacks. In the Nairobi attack 292 people were killed, including 12 Americans, and 5,000 injured. 10 people were killed and 86 injured in Tanzania incident for a total of 302 dead, 5086 injured within an hour.

Oct. 12 – A suicide boat exploded next to the U.S.S. Cole (guided-missile destroyer), blowing a hole 40 feet in diameter, killing 17 American sailors and injuring 39.

Sept. 11 – 4 U.S. jetliners hijacked and forced to crash into the World Trade Center and the Pentagon like missiles, and 1 crashed in Pennsylvania on the way to the Capital Building in D.C. In all, 266 people perished in the four planes, 2602 people were killed on the ground, plus 343 firefighters, and 184 people at the Pentagon. Almost 5000 injured, 500 rescue workers now have respiratory ailments. 7 buildings collapsed in NY and 23 damaged, plus 4 subway stations.
Paris embassy terrorist attack plot foiled

May 29 – Al-Khobar massacres–Islamic terrorists kill 22 people and one American at an oil compound in Saudi Arabia.

June 8, 2004 Robert Jacobs, a US defense contractor employee is assassinated at his home in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia by Al-Qaeda terrorists.

June 11 – Terrorists kidnap and execute Paul Johnson, Jr. in Riyadh.


‘Kosovan Muslim who shouted Islamic slogans’ before shooting dead two U.S. airmen at Frankfurt airport was an employee.

Original article from Gateway Pundit is here.

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