The U.S. violated international law by killing obl? Spike that football, Mr. president

It was just a matter of time before the libtards, humanists, humanitarians, some in the LSM, our 'progressive' friends in Europistan started sniveling and whining about that we violated 'international law' by assassinating the murdering scum bag of almost 3,000 Americans. To these multicultural, politically correct, over diversified morons: I say to these feel, good, warn and fuzzy overly sensitive asshats: good for us and this is LONG overdue. It is about time we got this pig and it is about time we rubbed the nose of the international community in their own garbage. It is about time we upset the global apple cart and laid waste to one of the worst enemies this country has ever known.

Of course leave it to the the first muslim potus, the mullah in the White House to try and wreck a shining moment. You think this is maybe about the temporary rise in his poll numbers, trying to preserve the momentum he has temporarily gained? So the muslim in the White is REFUSING to release pictures of the dead obl. Of course he has his reasons, NONE of them good ones. He obviously does not want to offend his mussie brothers and sisters of the global muslim world, he does not want to offend his far leftarded base, or those in this country that think we were wrong to do this, our so called friends and allies who think this was wrong to do. It is about bowing, groveling, apologizing and appeasing on the global stage.

obama is wrong, so very, very wrong on this, and this will come back to haunt him. He should do the right thing and show the good citizens of our country the pictures to PROVE, really PROVE obl is dead. Gruesome, gory pictures? So what! What about people jumping out of the twin towers or the thousands killed, horribly maimed in fighting the global war against islam and jihad? What about those who lost family and friends at the hands of the terrorist acts committed by obl. Maybe he should ask them? Showing the images is what must be done to help heal the country. So what if the global community complains about it? What have they done to help rid the world of islamic terrorism and jihad when compared to our commitments and efforts?
It is NOT stooping to the same level of the thousands of videos the scum bag muslims put out when they behead some captives or honor killings. The terrorists and much of the muslim world hate us already and showing a few pictures will not make this any worse. We are at war with islam and obl was a muslim, period. obama is being a good dhimmi and the bitch clinton was right there with him on not showing any images of a very dead obl.

We know there was division in the briefing room and reports of up to 16 hours of waffling by obama and a few others against taking out obl. Is it no wonder obama is refusing to show the country, the world some images of a very dead obl. I surely would feel better and find this more credible. Wouldn't you?

Below you will find two posts. One from Andrew Bostom and one from Diana West.These are posted in full and are excellent opinions on the 'muslim' burial at sea. I have a problem with that too but will let Mr. Bostom and Ms. West take that on.


Picture from Tundra Tabloids
Bin Laden’s Burial and Our Dhimmitude
By Andrew Bostom

Surprised the USS Carl-Vinson didn’t just turn itself into Bin Laden’s floating funeral pyre…

A “senior defense (is that term “defense” even appropriate?) department official” describes the Muslim religious rites administered for Osama bin Laden (isn’t that grotesquely hypocritical if Bin Laden’s acts were “anti-Islamic,” as affirmed unanimously and repeatedly by our political and military leadership for a decade since 9/11 ??) aboard an aircraft carrier in the Arabian Sea, following the raid that killed the Al-Qaeda leader.

Today religious rights were conducted for the deceased on the deck of the USS Carl-Vinson which is located in the North Arabian Sea.

Traditional procedures for Islamic burial were followed. The deceased’s body was washed and then placed in a white sheet. The body was placed in a weighted bag.

A military officer read prepared religious remarks which were translated into Arabic by a native speaker. After the words were complete, the body was placed on a prepared flat-board… (and) eased into the sea.

According to ABC News a “Muslim seaman” conducted the ritualistic burial ceremony for the mass murderer of Americans, Osama Bin Laden,

…and said the prayers, with bin Laden’s body wrapped in the “appropriate way.”

How fitting that such an abhorrently obsequious, self-loathing burial took place aboard the USS Carl Vinson given this January 2009 story “proudly” trumpeted about the ship’s “partnership” with Saudi Arabia:

The U.S. Navy, in partnership with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA), afforded a USS Carl Vinson (CVN 70) Sailor and four other Navy members the opportunity to visit Mecca, the holiest site in the Muslim faith, from Dec. 6-12, 2008, to make the traditional pilgrimage known as Hajj.

Lt. J.G. Rami Islam of the Carl Vinson’s Engineering Department was selected from about 75 candidates Navy-wide to embark on the KSA-sponsored pilgrimage, which is required to be completed by Muslims who have the ability to do so at least once in their lifetimes.

“The fact that the U.S. Navy allowed this trip to take place is proven evidence that, in this organization, we are all equal” said Islam. “All religions are respected, and that kind of equal treatment and support are some of the best morale boosters for our Sailors.”

This sickening spectacle of our great nation’s military hypocritically supplicating itself before Islamdom—affording Muslim “burial rites” to the putatively “un-Islamic” mass-murdering jihadist Bin Laden—brings to mind, once again, a remarkably candid assessment by the 18th century Moroccan Sufi “master” Ibn Ajibah from his Koranic commentary, a work I was made aware of by my colleague, Dr. Mark Durie.

Describing unabashedly the purpose of the Koranic poll tax (as per Koran 9:29) of submission for non-Muslims brought under Islamic hegemony by jihad, Ibn Ajibah makes clear the ultimate goal of its imposition was to achieve what he called the death of the “soul”, through the dhimmi’s execution of their own humanity.

[The dhimmi] is commanded to put his soul, good fortune and desires to death. Above all he should kill the love of life, leadership and honor. [The dhimmi] is to invert the longings of his soul, he is to load it down more heavily than it can bear until it is completely submissive. Thereafter nothing will be unbearable for him. He will be indifferent to subjugation or might. Poverty and wealth will be the same to him; praise and insult will be the same; preventing and yielding will be the same; lost and found will be the same. Then, when all things are the same, it [the soul] will be submissive and yield willingly what it should give. [Tafsir ibn ‘Ajibah. Commentary on Q9:29. Ahmad ibn Muhammad Ibn `Ajibah]


Funeral at Sea: Uncle Sam Does Osama Proud
By Diana West

Maybe a helicopter like this one brought bin Laden’s corpse to the USS Carl Vinson late last night where in the wee hours of Monday morning the bullet-pocked corpse of the terror-mastermind received full jihad honors. Or was that full Islamic honors? I get them confused.

AFP reports:

US forces administered Muslim religious rites for Osama bin Laden aboard an aircraft carrier Monday in the Arabian Sea, an American official said after the raid that killed the Al-Qaeda leader.

“Today religious rights were conducted for the deceased on the deck of the USS Carl-Vinson which is located in the North Arabian Sea,” a senior defense official said.

“Traditional procedures for Islamic burial were followed. The deceased’s body was washed and then placed in a white sheet. The body was placed in a weighted bag.(see above image, heh)

“A military officer read prepared religious remarks which were translated into Arabic by a native speaker. After the words were complete, the body was placed on a prepared flat-board… (and) eased into the sea.”

The ceremony began at 0510 GMT and ended some 50 minutes later aboard the aircraft carrier which is stationed off the coast of Pakistan to help US and coalition forces in Afghanistan.

That was some ceremony — longer than the commando raid that bagged the al Qaeda honcho. Funny how the man who, in becoming a mass murderer, “perverted,” “hijacked” and “distorted” one of the world’s “great religions” still gets a spiffy send-off to Islam’s orgy in the skies.

Think they played taps?

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Dixon Webb said...

Patriot . . . Who (if anyone) is advising our moronic President? How about a little accountability here?

(1) Exactly who decided the lump of fat called Osama bin Laden deserved ANY KIND of burial service. The guy was one of the most evil men on the planet.

(2) He was the architect of 9/11 and lead the miserably inhuman al Queda pinheads.

(3) Burial at sea was the right thing to do - but with no ceremony of anykind. Dump him where no idiot terrorist can pray to him as a martyr.

(4) Give out no pictures is another right thing to do. He merits no kind of publicity at all. The guy is dead. We know it. Now lets forget him and destroy his terrorist pals.


PatriotUSA said...

I agree with your points except #4.

I would have made NO notice about his burial at sea and we should have just wrapped in a burlap bag with weights and dumped him overboard. No ceremony, nothing.

Pictures will get released. They just will not be from the muslim infested White House. It is just a matter of time.

Findalis said...

I understand OBL was given FULL MILITARY HONORS too.


PatriotUSA said...

It is completely disgusting and revolting!