osama bin laden has been eliminated, But "we are not at war with islam." obama is wrong again


Report from Stratfor below the jump.

osama bin laden is dead, and we can be pretty sure this is a credible report. While this is great news after watching obama's speech it was quite obvious he is taking full credit for this and I will give his this: it happened on his watch, that is all he is going to get from me.

Why? Here is why: obama is not the potus who started the targeted drone attacks in the twin muslim ratistans, pakistan and afghanistan. President Bush gets credit for that and recall obama at one time was thinking about scrapping this most useful tool of war. Just like obama wanting to shut down Guantanamo Bay. That did not work out too well for him either, did it. There is no underestimating the value of HI. human intelligence. That is what started this action. Bill Clinton spent years dismantling our excellent network of HI during his two terms. President Bush made this an extremely important part of his administration, especially after 9/11/2001.
We owe our military and intelligence agencies a huge thank you and job well done for this one.

No doubt that there will be some on the far left that will not be pleased about this good news. bin laden was far more useful alive to the tools from the far left than he is to them dead. We took bin laden out on foreign soil and in a country that pretty much hates us. It was a well planned and thought out targeted special operation. That will make the trolls like soros, huffington mad. I am sure many of the far left will now think we are done, pull out all troops and end all missions, we are done. The moonbats could not be more wrong if they tried. Now it is time for us to be extra alert, extra vigilant and raise our level of alerts and watch for threats.

Radical islam is not finished nor is this a knockout punch. Retaliation will be sure to come and we do not know where and how. All our allies(those that we have left) should be on the highest alert for terrorist attacks, especially Israel and it's global interests. The war on radical islam is far from over and this is the start of new, bloody chapter. How violent and bloody remains to be seen.

One last point. In obama's sad and boring speech he stated that "we are not at war with islam." How wrong and sad was that! Make no mistake about that. islam will make another note about that comment(nothing new from either obama or President Bush). obama and his ignorant, arrogant administration of dhimmi fools may not be at war with islam BUT islam is at war with us. islam has been war with us for the last 1400 plus years. As long as obama keeps repeating and stating this grave error, islam will have another advantage over us. This is not lost in islam or with many muslims. WE ARE AT WAR WITH islam. That is a fact. obama and his stooges may not get it, but the American people are starting to and this is long overdue.

Now show us some pictures of bin laden's body and some real proof. or will we have to wait another week to see those?

Update: one image I scrounged up is at the end of the post.


Red Alert: Osama bin Laden Killed

Stratfor: The United States has killed al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden and recovered his body, according to numerous media reports May 1 citing U.S. officials. U.S. President Barack Obama is scheduled to make an announcement on the subject. It is not clear precisely how bin Laden was killed or how his body was recovered, but the assertion that he is dead is significant.

Bin Laden had become the symbol of al Qaeda, even though the degree to which he commanded the organization was questionable. The symbolic value of his death is obvious. The United States can claim a great victory. Al Qaeda can proclaim his martyrdom.

It is difficult to understand what this means at this moment, but it permits the Obama administration to claim victory, at least partially, over al Qaeda. It also opens the door for the beginning of a withdrawal from Afghanistan, regardless of the practical impact of bin Laden’s death. The mission in Afghanistan was to defeat al Qaeda, and with his death, a plausible claim can be made that the mission is complete. Again speculatively, it will be interesting to see how this affects U.S. strategy there.

Equally possible is that this will trigger action by al Qaeda in bin Laden’s name. We do not know how viable al Qaeda is or how deeply compromised it was. It is clear that bin Laden’s cover had been sufficiently penetrated to kill him. If bin Laden’s cover was penetrated, then the question becomes how much of the rest of the organization’s cover was penetrated. It is unlikely, however, that al Qaeda is so compromised that it cannot take further action.

At this early hour, the only thing possible is speculation on the consequences of bin Laden’s death, and that speculation is inherently flawed. Still, the importance of his death has its consequences. Certainly one consequence will be a sense of triumph in the United States. To others, this will be another false claim by the United States. For others it will be a call to war. We know little beyond what we have been told, but we know it matters.

Post at Stratfor is here.

Here is obama's boring and sickening speech to the American people and the world.


One dead muslim: Guess who?

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