Official PatriotUSA Announcment: Please watch for the Right Blogfest right here on Memorial Day

I am very pleased to announce that Patriot's Corner has been asked to join the Right Blogfest that will go up to honor Memeorial Day. The other blogs that will be participating are yours truly, Steve Bussey, Raisedonhoecakes and 2sisters from the right

I am honored that I have been asked to participate in The Right Blogfest. The real honor goes to those who we will be honoring on Memorial Day

Raisedonhoecakes and 2sisters from the right have been added to the blogroll.

Please check this out on Memorial Day and thanks to all who have helped make PC what it is.
Without all three and a half followers, PC would be nothing. And you all know when I say three and a half, I mean all of you!

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