Netanyahu Schools Obama

Gary Fouse

"Revenge is a plate best served cold"

.......As President Obama learned to his chagrin today during the joint press conference with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu at the White House. In the wake of his previous treatment by Obama in the White House and the President's statement this week about those pre-1967 borders, Netanyahu was clearly in no mood for any more.

After Obama gave his opening remarks, Netanyahu began his own. He followed the rules of diplomatic speak in front of the press. But in no time, he was leaning in and facing Obama and telling him in polite but no uncertain terms that Israel would not even consider going back to the (indefensible) pre-1967 borders. He also made it clear to Obama and the world that there would be no accepting the descendants of the 1948 Palestinian refugees and no negotiation with that terrorist entity known as Hamas.

It was akin to Churchill giving the facts of life to Chamberlain.

If you read body language, you would conclude that Obama, leaning back with his legs crossed, was not enjoying the experience. He was probably simmering with anger inside. His own words about his concern for Israel's security indicate he probably gave ground to Netanyahu during their private talk.

Netanyahu, a man who has been fighting for his country's survival since Obama was in diapers, had to wait a long time to repay the brash American president for his previous show of disrespect.

It was worth it.

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PatriotUSA said...

Damn good show by Bibi.Begin, Dayan and Meir would have proud of the way he stood up to the mullah in the White House. About time too.

obama and his class of anti-Semitic clowns should be impeached and there are so many reasons.
He is loathed and held in very low standing in Israel, and I could not agree with Israel more.