muslim ice cream truck driver selling his own urine as frozen 'treat'?

I wonder why this sick, perverted follower of mohammad and brainwashed moron of allah was not also stocking camel urine for his muslim customers? No camels in Philadelphia perhaps? I am sure he could have found some camel urine online or at a muslim all halal grocery store.

Notice that the article from ABC News is culturally, politically and diversity correct in not mentioning that Mr. Hassan is a muslim. Any ideas why that might be? Of course the last thing we want to do is offend anyone in the muslim community and hurt their overblown and overly sensitive feelings, lest they try and sue the heck out of us.

Of course in islam and under strict islamic sharia law it is perfectly acceptable to lie, cheat, poison, sicken, deceive us kafirs or infidels. Over 60% of the qur'an is dedicated to dealing with the kafirs. So no matter how, when or why harm is done to us kafirs, it is excused away by the qur'an, sharai law, and the words of little mohammad, the head pervert and pedophile of islam. Disgusting, absolutely disgusting.

Do not be fooled about this nasty event. Jihad is jihad as this is another way of waging jihad.

From DebbieSchlussel.com


Philly Muslim Ice Cream Truck Driver Had Urine Popsicles to Sell
By Debbie Schlussel

I’ve noted before that many ice cream trucks that sell to kids around the neighborhoods of America are driven and owned by Muslims, some of them illegal aliens. It’s an all cash business, and the cash can’t be traced, can be hidden from the IRS, and can be laundered “back home” to terrorist operations, etc. But, now, there’s another caveat about Muslim ice cream trucks. They could be seeking to sell your kids urine popsicles and unsanitary ice cream.

What is Your Muslim Ice Cream Truck Driver Selling & Where is His $ Going?

Was Muslim ice cream truck driver Yasser Hassan planning to serve “urine popsicles” to non-Muslim Philadelphia area kids? It’s not clear, but Hussein was drunk driving his ice cream truck in the area and police found at least one bottle of frozen urine in the refrigerator that was used to store ice cream sold to children. They also determined that the condition of the entire truck and the ice cream was unsanitary. But, no worries, as the Koran and the Hadiths would say it’s okay to sell this to infidel kids. Oh, and like all the good Muslims who preach to us not to do this and not to do that, he had quite a bit of alcohol in his system and in his truck, despite the fact that this is haram (forbidden) in Islam.

The next time you see this ice cream man, police say you might want to think twice before you buy that sundae. . . .

“We received information from a passing motorist of an ice cream truck that was all over the roadway on southbound Route 1 from Oxford Valley Road,” Middletown Township Lt. John Michniewicz said.

His Jack & Jill Truck was pulled over minutes later and investigators say the ice cream man, 46-year-old Yassir Hassan, was visibly drunk.

Upon further inspection, authorities found several wine boxes inside.

But even more disturbing was the discovery of at least three water bottles filled with urine and one of them was found inside the freezer unit used to store the ice cream.

On top of that, Action News has obtained a copy of the inspection report performed after the arrest which determined the truck had “obviously no hand washing facilities in the vehicle.”

Mr. Hassan has since been processed and released pending a preliminary DUI hearing which has yet to be scheduled.

Since Mr. Hassan works as an independent contractor, officials from the impound yard say that, for now, Hassan has a legal right to reclaim the truck and go back to selling ice cream in Eastern Bucks County.

“We have to release the vehicle to him after we clean it out,” John McCollum of Ace Towing and Recovery said.

Very cool. He drinks and drives and pisses all over the ice cream truck, and he gets the taxpayers of Eastern Bucks County to clean it for him. Alhamdillullah [Praise allah].

Original article is here.

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