Michigan libtard and friends call for protecting the rights of muslims through Congress

So why do muslims deserve Congress to come to their aid? I see aboslutely NO reason, not one for our government to proclaim such nonsense for muslims. Here is a snippet from the next post below:

"They should also be able to rely on law enforcement’s fundamental integrity and respect for First Amendments protected rights.”

Like we can get the same treatment as muslims do from law enforcement? Say like in Dearbornistan?

Does that smell like rotten camel or goat meat to you? Sure does to me. Why on earth should they get anything more in the way of laws, resolutions, protections or more than our First Amendment rights? Why should muslims get more rights or 'special protection' under the First Amendment, especially from Law Enforcement? Most of the time we cannot get a break when it comes to islam versus the average citizen, white citizens, I must add that last bit in. muslims are attacking our freedom and liberty on every front. Our schools, colleges, government(from the local level on up), law enforcement agencies, intelligence agencies, the military, the school book and curriculum industry and the list goes on and on.

They attack us for special foot baths in airports and on colleges, to get prayer rooms set aside for prayers that almost always become muslim only prayer rooms through threats and intimidation against other TRUE religions that have a RIGHT to such rooms, for extra breaks to pray to their perverted pedophile prophet mohammad and their moon rock 'god', allah, they attack any and EVERY negative thing said, written or drawn about the little girl molesting, raping pervert mohammad, and I could go on and on.

So you tell me, us here what muslim, or what has islam done for any of us? What great things has islam or muslims contributed to the greatness that is still America, for now.That America that is now rapidly fading away into the sunset we see in the rear view mirror.

If this offends you or your sensibilities oh well. It is not the first time nor will it be the last time. I find EVERYTHING and anything about islam and sharia law extremely offensive to me. islam is not a religion in the frist place. It is a political ideology hell bent on world domination through persecution, subversion, violence and death to all those who refuse to convert or become dhimmi stooges of islam(see hussein obama, the first muslim potus, worse than the first dhimmi potus jimmy 'the dhimmi' carter).

Just think if Christians or Jews had wanted this special right that others do not have. The libtarded democrats are truly deaf, dumb and blind. But then what can one expect out of Michiganistan which is home to Dearbornistan which has the largest muslim population in the country. Blacks had a legitimate right and complaint about what was being done to them. islam is not a black issue. islam is the cancer of the West and the free world. islam does not any special favors, rights, laws or consideration. muslims should renounce islam and the qur'an, period or leave our country. Let them return home and see how they like it back there when they try to do demand such privleges.


Michigan Dems call for Congress to reaffirm civil rights of Muslims

“Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion”…and they should not pass a resolution for Muslims either. Obama has spent an inordinate amount of jizya taxpayer time and money promoting Islam in the U.S. and abroad, as well as hiring Muslims specifically because they are Muslim. Enough already. Contact your elected officials and tell them to defend the other 99% of the U.S. population, not the 1% with a preponderance to despise and attack us. via Michigan U.S. reps call for Congress to reaffirm civil rights of Muslims | The American Independent.

Detroit Congressmen John Conyers and Hansen Clark, both Democrats, have asked Congress to counter a general climate of bias against the American Muslim community by passing a resolution affirming the civil rights of Muslims.

John Conyers
“We believe that this sense of Congress is a logical step toward sending the message that the American Muslim community should be able to enjoy the rights guaranteed under the Constitution to the same extent as all other Americans,” said Conyers and Clarke.

“Communities should be protected from the threat of violence and suspicion that, for example, was at the heart of last January’s thwarted attack against the Islamic Center of America in Dearborn, Michigan. They should also be able to rely on law enforcement’s fundamental integrity and respect for First Amendments protected rights.”

“Ultimately, the American Muslim community should be able to rely on the federal government to lead the effort in fostering an open climate of understanding and cooperation. Only through a balanced examination of the challenges facing the nation will we establish a strong policy framework for protecting security, while respecting the Constitution and the interests of affected communities.”

Meanwhile the 6th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals reaffirmed the rights of non-Muslims in the Islamic enclave of Dearborn, Michigan where the Arab police chief restricted the 1st Amendment rights of Christians. Where was Conyers when the rights of non-Muslims were being denied repeatedly in Michigan? Defending his corrupt, convicted wife?

Muslims in Michigan were recently given a leg up on other residents when it swore in a U.S. Attorney linked to pro-Hamas/Hizbollah groups.

Update: Muslim Congressman (yes, Ellison isn’t the only one) Andre Carson also signed Conyers letter.

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